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TCU v KU game thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Rose Bowl, Jan 28, 2021.

  1. Yep, my bad but it’s not out of character for us to let an unknown kid go beast mode on us
  2. [ What the heck? ]
  3. First one to 50
  4. Didn't even hit the rim on that first free throw!@!#$#
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  5. Grant-Foster's last name is backwards.
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  6. I feel like we are getting a lot of 50 50 calls and balls and cant take advantage
  7. Answer to question...why don't we post up Samuel:

    If he can't dunk off the catch...FT's are not a good option.
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  8. By McDonald's All-American do they mean that's where he ate
  9. What’s that now? 15 missed free throws in a row for Samuel?
  10. How can you not get rebounds off missed free throws?
  11. Game is slipping away
  12. Two possessions in row they rebound their own missed free throw. Pathetic.
  13. We are very hard to watch.
  14. Please fire Jamie
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  15. Man Samuel is lazy, misses two
    fTs and then can’t board a missed FT...

    then no one wants to get loose balls, Miles thinks he can do a step backs this late in the game.

    good job Jamie
  16. No idea why I allowed myself to think we had a shot.
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  17. Can Jamie get Covid again? Then maybe they could cancel the season.
  18. Where’s Francis at?

    Should we still be happy about our defensive effort in the 1st half?

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