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TCU Men's Lacrosse

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Mar 29, 2021.

  1. Is lacrosse still a club sport?
  2. Definitely not a scholarship sport.
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  3. When I played it was so much the opposite of a scholarship sport that we funded it ourselves. The number of people we fit in a hotel room was ridiculous.
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  5. I had no idea.

    About many things, but Lacross is near the top of the list. Go Frogs!
  6. Interesting in that it looks like “home” games may be played in Coppell.
  7. @nwlafrog looks like they’re playing in your neck of the woods next month
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  8. That would be cool to check out.
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  9. That is a temporary thing this year. Result of COVID, TCU is not letting any club host games on campus this year. Team can't even have overnight trips this year. Drove to Lubbock Saturday am, played a game, and drove back after. Long day on a bus.

    Sport is still club. Players pay dues and the school gives some money. The coaching staff actively recruits players and has kids from all over the country come play.
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  10. how many scholarship men's lacrosse programs are located west of the mississippi?

    think i saw a school out of colorado in the ncaa's one year on espn, but it seems like a eastern us sport at the college level
  11. 100% mainly an Eastern college sport. I think D1 teams west of Mississippi are:
    Air Force Academy
    Univ. of Denver

    You get to D2 and D3 and that list expands, not by a ton, but probably into double digits at that point with all the small schools that have it. Southwestern in Georgetown and University of Dallas are D3 programs.
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  12. Are they playing Texas this weekend in Prosper?
  13. Yes, 1pm faceoff on Sunday at Frontier Park in Prosper.
  14. Those bored with baseball
    TCU leads Texas 12-9 after 3rd
    Trailed 9-7 at half
  15. 15-9 final shutout for half in lacrosse is unheard of

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