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TCU at OSU Game Thread

An-Cap Frog

I didn't say anything close to that. The first-half effort was manure. I realize you don't like that being said here. It is what it is.
lol...being down 14 points with 30 minutes to play is no reason to panic. You don't watch much basketball if you think that every team plays it's A game all the time during a 30 game season...


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Just very disappointing when the momentum had clearly shifted TCU’s way… because of outstanding TCU play. Need to move forward but this is one we may look back on. With a win here, we’re in a two way tie one game out of first in the best conference in college basketball.

On the flip side, it’s impressive to watch this team compete in the Big XII even without their starting center and NBA guard.

Would be great to stick a dagger in K State Tuesday on their home court.