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TCU at KSU Game #3

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by QuilterFrawg, May 22, 2021.

  1. I’m not just referring to yesterday. Yesterday was a symptom.
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  2. Maybe we need to visit Ohio St. for the happy ending.
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    I think it was back in '68...when Texas won the conference championship over TCU by mere percentage points because Texas didn't play their last two games. TCU was 13-5 and UT 12-4 going into the weekend. Legend has it that Gustafson cancelled Fridays game with A&M by instructing the ground crew to over water the field the night before the Friday game with rain forecasted. A&M coach Tom Chandler called Windegger and told him the game could have been played but Gus called it off to play a Saturday double header. Saturday never happened because it poured rain all day. Season over, Texas wins. [ "illegitimate Baylor boys" ]!

    And, remember...back then only Texas goes to the playoffs. We sat home. And, some people wonder why I hate UT so much.
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  4. I agree. I was just went off on a tangent about the 9th inning.
  5. teens? more like 20 somethings on this team and a few are old enough to have graduated college and moved on to the next phase of life
  6. Some additional perspective

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  7. Notice the GBShaw quote in his twitter. Lucky he's a Horned Frog.
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  8. True. Many of these guys are old enough or almost old enough to be freshmen at BYU.
  9. Man I truly feel sorry for you if you can’t enjoy a season where the team shares a championship. I can understand recent disappointment but no fun at all?
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  10. Name checks out
  11. Season was a ton of fun up until Sunday of Texas actually
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