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Special moment between baseball and basketball

Pharm Frog

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Awesome. Was there a pitching change when this was taken?
No. There was a batted ball that went to the wall in right-center but the Mav pulled up at 2B instead of trying for a triple even though the 3rd baseman was hanging out with the middle infielders. Or, yes. That’s exactly what happened. Got a little too tight for comfort in the 9th. Brought in Ridings to close it


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I captured this picture at tonight’s baseball game against UTA (we won). While the fans were divided between the two baseball teams…we were all united in rooting for TCU against KU. In case you haven’t heard…we won that game too!

This picture is priceless…

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UTA player on 2B was a high school baseball teammate of my oldest, and was a very good HS basketball player as well. Came out early and talked to him before game. Great kid and athlete.