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Reports: Matt Rhule to Nebraska





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Ruhle can get a better job than Nebraska.

Nebraska is not a great job anymore. Yes, the fans are passionate but The school is in the middle of nowhere, no local recruiting, and has not been a consistent winner in over decade. Leaving for the Big 10 was a huge mistake for their football program.

Ruhle should sit on a beach and wait for a Better opportunity


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But sometimes it is.
I understand the Baylor hate - the more they dance like idiots on the sidelines the more I want us to punch them out. In Matt Rhule’s case - he was a coach who was only starting to develop a track record and the first gold ring that came by he grabbed it - where he proceeded to fail. CGP passed on several of those - and several passed on him but he stuck around and built a dynasty for most of his career. Kind of thought Rhule should have passed on NFL but it’s his career - no doubt he made some $$ on that deal.