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Projected to Visit our Baseball Postseason Best Friends

Limey Frog

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Ah, the Aggies. Think they will be over-confident, as usual?


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Not sure what level of confidence they really have after losing series to 2 of the SEC worst this year on consecutive weekends.
Well since those two “Worst” of the SEC teams are both ahead of us in RPI and pretty much locks for a regional - while Aggie is still considered a top 8 seed…I am guessing their confidence is a lot higher than ours…


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I can’t see them sending us to Aggie or to Arky first round. Too much recent scar tissue for their beloved SEC teams.

the Indiana St site makes more sense. We kinda owe them a visit to their place…
Aggie beat us the last trip there. Latest projection I saw was as a 3 in Corvallis.