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OT -- PBR World Finals in Cowtown


Was I supposed to type something here?
Rode them in high school Rodeo Club. Getting bucked off a bull is a lot closer to the ground than getting bucked off a horse.
If I have to deal with them, it's best I do so from the comfortable ground of the working pen. That way I have a fence to run to and scramble up on before said herbivore tramples me into paste...

I have very tame cows. Pets, really. Years ago, when the herd was cheap heifers found at the auction (aka Other People's Problems) and an exceedingly ornery bull, I had to make sure nobody got in my blind spot. Nowadays, it's hard to devote the proper attention to the ears and waddles that need scratching.

I much prefer the tame cows.


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Final go-round begins at 11:00 this morning at The Dickies. Some good bull riding this week, this last go-round will feature the top bulls in the sport. There's still time to make it if ya hurry!


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It's nice to watch, but you'd never get me on the back of a large, pissed off herbivore.


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Got to cover the event for the FWST.
Went Saturday night just to get the lay of the land and figure out things. Had never covered a PBR event.
Enjoyed it immensely. What a show they put on.