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My suggestion for a Big XII Conference name change is…

1. Coast 2 Coast Conference (C3, 3C, CIII -keeping with the Roman numbers in the B12)
2. Sea to Sea Conference
3. Big America Conference

4. Like what is done on some bus or subway lines - name after the terminus names.
If we get Pac rumps something like Stanford-UCF Conference (or Palo Alto-Orlando Conference.)
(pretty stupid suggestion, right?)
The B1G should change to “Coast To Coast Hardware.” When I was a kid there were Coast to Coast Hardware stores, the company originated in Minneapolis. Ironically, it was not coast-to-coast (big plans I guess), but it had stores rooted throughout the Midwest, like the Big Ten’s roots.

So some nostalgia, and “Coast To Coast Hardware” can represent ALL of that conference’s conceit. The “Hardware” to recognize all their trophies.


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The BIG Players League or Conference - our Motto can be:
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