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Max postgame interview is a must watch

Nick Danger

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Well, he does have an extra Covid year. He could come back for another shot at a conference championship, it just depends on how strong he thinks next year's team will be with all the personnel changes, both coming and going, and the changes in the conference schedule. One thing's for certain, TCU won't have to start out next year ranked 45th!
The emotion of the interview and in that locker room drives home the point that this was what was most important, an attainable Big XII trophy and Champion crown to account for the 12-0 regular season. The CFP playoff was secondary.

Duggan is now devastated without a Big XII trophy for TCU—he loves TCU—the season would have been a complete success with it in hand. Now a significant element of disappointment will be attached to the season because of this “championship” game loss.

The only way to clear the fog entirely is too somehow beat the odds against them and win the national championship. Max may be a realist and realizes the odds.

Here is a line—Frogs are 9.5 point dogs versus Big Blue. Win that one and they will likely be dogs again—

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Does FanDuel know something we don’t?


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I don’t have a problem with the presser but fail to see how this is much different than a Watt post-game presser in Pasadena that so many on here mocked.
I'd say there's a tad bit of difference in ownership and responsibility for results and being the focal point of the team between QB and DL.


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Just got home from AT&T Stadjum and am trying to process my emotions: pride, anger, disappointment, the joy of the ride, and then I watch this…. I scheissing broke down halfway through. Still 10 minutes later I’m typing through misty eyes. What an absolute warrior; we could not have a better representative of our university. I’m sure Max was told he didn’t have to do a presser; of course he went ahead because that’s him. #15 needs to be retired.

Max, you’ll probably never read this post, but the pride we Frogs have in you cannot be accurately measured. My heart breaks for you and the guys; you left every milligram out on that field. You took us on one amazing scheissing ride* these past four years. These last four months… incredible. Thank you. Thank you.

*And it will have another chapter on Dec 31
I second all of this


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I grew up in Ft. Worth and began attending games at age 6 (1969 you do the math) and I have seen a lot of marginal football and also some great players. I have seen winless seasons and The Rose Bowl. I have never been as proud of any team as this one and never prouder of calling a player a Honed Frog as Max Duggan.

As a TCU Army ROTC grad, it would be my honor to follow that man anywhere anytime against anyone.