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KCBD: TCU recruiting coordinator calls Lubbock a ‘desert’, Red Raiders take over Twitter in response


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TCU recruiting coordinator calls Lubbock a ‘desert’, Red Raiders take over Twitter in response

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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - A Texas Christian University recruiting coordinator took to Twitter Tuesday night after the Matador Club announced a $2.5 million NIL deal for Tech football players.

In a tweet, Bryan Carrington called out players “attempting to ‘build their brand’ in a desert” followed by a cactus emoji. Red Raiders flooded Twitter in response, including former player Patrick Mahomes and Texas Tech President Lawrence Schovanec.

Tech fans embraced the dig and started tweeting using the cactus emoji. Carrington’s tweet has since been taken down, but fans have kept the topic trending. Many have added the cactus emoji to their Twitter handles.

Read more at https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/fo...ders-take-over-twitter-in-response/ar-AAZMJwt


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This guy just wrote an article about a bunch of idiots posting a cactus on Twitter as if it was an important news story. I can’t imagine that being my job.
Agree, but we're gonna be seeing more and more of this kind of "media coverage". There's already been a huge change just in the last 2-3 years, a shift toward the NBA-style coverage where the games and who is actually winning is almost a sideshow (because not enough people really care about that, it's not enough to move the needle). So it's gonna be all about off the field stuff/comments/tweets, NIL deal speculation, transfer news, who is going to playing/coaching where, etc. Oh, and players "building their brand".

It might work, because it obviously has worked for the NBA, but that's where we are headed, if we aren't already there. Maybe I'm just jaded, but it seems to me like the games are far less important than they were even 3-4 years ago.


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The endless [ teat ]-for-tat is what gossipy Media twits live for. It's like a dumber version of a soap opera...

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I remember when the tornado struck downtown Lubbock. It cleaned the place up a lot…
Spit Blood ~~<~<and fornicate baylor!!


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Guess who, jumping on the clickbait bandwagon. Not gonna post link because scheiss that [ Arschloch]. Anything he can do to directly or indirectly [ Finebaum ] on TCU.

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