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If you could pick....

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by bmoney214, Apr 16, 2021.

  1. If you can pick ONE athlete ever to have an injury-free career (from beginning to end), who are you choosing?

    I would pick Ken Griffey Jr. Hard to believe that he wouldn't have broke the homerun record if he had stayed healthy. Was never the same player after he left Seattle.

    Bo Jackson is by far the most popular answer in the comments.

    Who would you guys like to have seen play with an injury free career? Since it seems like everybody only named pro athletes, let's take it one step further and include college athletes too.
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  2. Griffey is a good one. My pick would be Penny Hardaway
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  3. Bryan Picolo
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  4. Tiger Woods or Freddie Couples
  5. Would’ve been interesting to see how badly Tiger broke Jack’s records.
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  6. Casey pachall.

    maybe Kolby Listenbee too to see who he sues if there’s no injuries
  7. Bo is a really good choice. Also, Earl Campbell or Dickie Thon.
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  9. 1) J R Richard
    2) Jon Peters (full disclosure — I played several baseball games against Jon and his “injuries” were not all physical.) In fact, I felt like he was the second-best pitcher on his own team by the time I graduated.
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  10. He said athletes, right?
  11. Tony Conigliaro...maybe not the first choice, but taking a fastball in the eye didn’t help his career.
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    Marcus Dupree would have been interesting. Maybe the greatest all around athlete in a big man frame that I have ever seen. MIght not have had the drive even if healthy.
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  13. Tye Gunn - The guy was magic on the field and the offense always went up a notch.
  14. Tommy Palmer
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  15. Ronnie Littleton
  16. Pete Maravich
  17. Mickey Mantle
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