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Horned Frogs vs Pro-bono Ponies Prediction Thread!

Oh, I'm feeling some hate. I just have a feeling our Carter boys will be ready on Saturday to let little prancing pony know just where he belongs. That being a bottle of glue. I just want the score.

TCU 45 - CJK5H 17.

Get 'er done.

hometown frog

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Their band will play “she’ll be comin round the mountain“ a bazillionty times. I’ll yell/sing “it’s the only song that they know” while they play it a few hundred times.

‘coke head Hilltoppers‘ might also jump out of my mouth at some point too.

as for the game score who knows. Been over a year since I felt like i knew what was going to happen in a TCU football game.


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SMEW - 43
TCU - 29
*Their defense has a handle on our running game, and we continue to struggle to punch it in. 5 field goals for Kell. Defense can’t handle a balanced offense who is committed to the run, even though they’ll probably only average 3.9 or so a rush.


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Stressful but glorious at the end

30-27 as time expires. Ponies cry

Sad My Little Pony GIF


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I think this will be a battle but I was way off on the Colorado game and this team’s effort that day. I am cautiously optimistic after the UH game.

TCU - 38
Ponies - 31