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GoFrogs: TCU at No. 23 Texas Tech MBB Preview


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Got lazy on a couple of shots

Defense doesn’t see both way too many times. Get caught watching the ball and lose sight of their man.

Choke job big time because of taking plays off on offense and defense

Can’t do that on the road where the refs feel the pressure of making calls for the home team
Tech was 24 of 28 shooting free throws for 86%. The Frogs gave Tech that game at the foul line by committing stupid fouls. I don’t know why coaches put up with that, they need to coach that out of their team. You can play aggressive tough as nails defense without all the fouls and come out way ahead.

Tech had 7 more attempts and 8 more made free throws than the Frogs. That is on TCU and not the refs.
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disappointed we ran a similar play to the KSU game at the end. we had no movement and tossed up a prayer. we were lucky to have one of the two answered I guess, but you have to get some sort of movement to create an open look. you can't just have one guy dribble around for 10-15 seconds every time.


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Recorded the game but didn't add extra time.
Why can't this team play strong in the last five minutes of the first and second half?
They are just brutal during that time period.
What a disappointing loss.
Up 10 points in the second half and can't finish the game.