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Farabello - What is his status?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by fff91, Feb 26, 2021.

  1. I am sure I missed the news but would appreciate an update. Is he recovering from COVID or something else? Been out over a month. Thanks
  2. All I know is that during the broadcast of the WVU game they said he was out for the rest of the season, but no details
  3. It is listed as calf on the injury report.
  4. Heard it was a groin injury.
  5. In a relationship I think
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  6. I heard it was Hawaii.
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  7. He hasn’t played this year right? Grades?
  8. He played to start the season. For the longest time it was claimed to be covid protocol, but clearly there’s something else going on.
  9. Startlegram 3 days ago said he was expected to miss the rest of season because of an injury. Fire wall prohibited any details.
  10. Stomach bug.
  11. So he has CALFID-19
  12. I mean calendar year
  13. Roman or Gregorian calendar?
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  14. This is beneath even you
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    Nothing is beneath anybody around here.
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  16. Too bad for FF and the team. IMO, with him taking major minutes from Fuller and Todd we would have 2 or 3 more wins this year.
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  17. The only things beneath me are Satan and Art Briles
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  18. He played the first three games in January
  19. He is recovering from sucking.
    His play was very underwhelming. No offense, especially when needed during pressing times and defense was not really existent.
  20. hmmm....after watching constantine the other night it sounds like an inverted pentagon which makes perfect sense as pumpkin pancakes are the breakfast food selection of the beast while art is partial to coffee flavored pancakes

    thank goodness some of us still believe in the wholesomeness of the simple buttermilk pancake
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