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DraftKings 12???

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Absolutely disgusting, but $3m per school is a big number.
How much can we get for the NASCAR patches?
Cant wait to see the new unis.
Maybe something like “Railhead BBQ” on the back.
Maybe instead of a player’s name, we could put “Joe T Garcia’s“ on the back.
Maybe we could have every player with a different ad on the back. We could charge big $$$ for a Hoover jersey advertisement. I guess Hoover would need a cut though.


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Was I supposed to type something here?
DraftKings?!? Dude, you've got Colorado in the Conference. Let the Colorado Weed Growers buy the naming rights. We could be the Mile High Conference! Or the Stoned 12. Maybe the Gimme an Eskimo Pie, Dude Conference...


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Believe this is more of the reality than the Draftkings stuff. Either way, awful conference name is inbound. Conference USA is looking at doing something similar.

Big 12 is also apparently looking into partnering with some sort of equity investment fund too.
The fact that our conference has to do this to compete with the SEC and Big 10 money, just proves that we are back to playing at the kids table. Smh.