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CSN Mid-Atlantic: Between Josh Doctson and the Redskins, are we really talking about practice?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. CSN Mid-Atlantic: Between Josh Doctson and the Redskins, are we really talking about practice?

    By JP Finlay

    Josh Doctson played 20 snaps in the Redskins season opening loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Ryan Grant logged nearly double as many snaps than the 2016 first-rounder. Terrelle Pryor and Jamison Crowder each played about 30 more snaps than Doctson.

    The issue here is not about Doctson against Grant. The latter is a useful player for Washington, and Grant performed well against the Eagles. He's versatile across all three receiver spots, and gives great effort on special teams. Don't let Grant's playing time, and production, confuse the situation with Doctson.

    Washington head coach Jay Gruden opened up on Monday about how little Doctson got used against the Eagles, and the answers weren't particularly reassuring.

    Read more at http://www.csnmidatlantic.com/washi...redskins-are-we-really-talking-about-practice
  2. They're painting him as a diva. Nothing at TCU led any of us to believe anything that he was about the most humble, hardest-working, constantly improving guy on the planet. Sure hope he gets this figured out. He was the best college WR I have ever seen in person, and I think he can be at least a good NFL receiver.
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  3. Who would of thunk he was so susceptible to injury?

    If he doesn't start playing I fear his future will be watching NFL football like me, watching NFL via a TV.

    Redskins fans are perplexed that they have not used him. Lot of conspiracy theories that Gruden didn't want to draft Josh and thus not playing him. Other Redskins fans think Josh is a total bust. Really Redskin fans just want him out there to see what they got. So they can know if he is a stud or a dud.

    I want Redskins fans to see what we saw at TCU. Hope Josh's confidence is to the level he played at TCU. I believe he can be an NFL stud. Give him the ball!
  4. Sometimes the wrong team drafts you, this is becoming the case I'm afraid
  5. Based on the videos of Doctson in practice against their DB's, it can't be any worse than what they put out there last week. I'm getting to the point that I hope Doctson is released so a team that will use him will pick him up.
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  6. Hopefully Josh will be patient. Ask Jerry Hughes, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.
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  7. Put him in the game, throw him the ball, see what happens.
  8. If the Redskins screw this up, there'll be several GM's/coaches of good franchises that will trade for him.
  9. Doctson will be just fine. He was injured with the achilles last year and it appears he is dealing with some minor stuff this year. Think Gruden comes from the Parcells way of thinking "can't make the club in the tub". He is not going to cut his best WR and last years first round pick. But he is trying to get a point across, practice time is very important...
  10. I was going to say the same thing. Remember 200+ tackles and 30+ sacks ago when Hughes was a bust?
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  11. If he's healthy, they need to play him. And Doctson needs to stay healthy and stay on the field.
  12. Doctson was limited in practice again today with hamstring "tightness". Completely bizarre.
  13. It's gotta be super frustrating for all involved. The bottom line is he needs to get on the field and stay healthy (with the Redskins or some other team) or his time in the NFL is going to be short. There isn't a lot of patience in the NFL for guys that can't play through injuries because that is the very essence of the league, virtually every single player out there on Sunday is playing through something.
  14. I'm not as down as others are. Gruden said he's getting there. He just needs more practice reps and will get there soon enough.

    Selfishly I hope the Skins do get annoyed and ship him off to a team I can root for.
  15. Josh had the misfortune to land with a very dysfunctional organization

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