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Clutch Points: TCU football’s biggest recruiting needs before National Signing Day


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TCU football’s biggest recruiting needs before National Signing Day​

Story by Guilherme Hiray Leal

TCU football had perhaps one of the most surprising seasons in recent history. After starting the year unranked, the team went undefeated in the regular season, placing itself as a College Football Playoff contender. Even with a loss to Kansas State in the Big 12 Championship Game, TCU made it to the CFP at No. 3. The Horned Frogs would advance to the National Championship Game with a win over Michigan, only to lose the title to the Georgia Bulldogs.

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tell me the writer never looked at the frogs december signings without having to tell me as i read their comments on the defensive line especially

concerning dee, he could come back, guess the question would be his potential draft value
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Dee has announced he was going to declare for the draft. Something called draftek ranks him at #247 among draft prospects. I'm just not sure if he can "undeclare" if he hasn't retained an agent.