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B12 Football Schedule

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Fosterpark Squatter, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. Week 3 bye and then 10 straight games. Yikes.
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  2. 7 homes games this year total, including our first 4.
    So hot
  3. And WVU is the only team with a bye before we play them.
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  4. Can we get to 7 wins with that schedule? Doesn’t seem realistic
  5. I'm sure you're hoping we don't.
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  6. Can't we wait til we only beat Duquesne by 40 to start the pessimism.
  7. The consistent lack of bye weeks in the mid-late season drives me nuts. It seems to me that it happens often anyway
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  8. On the bright side, you’ll have frog football to watch every weekend
  9. Hey, look, something new for everyone to complain about.
  10. True. We only won 6 in 10 games last season. Winning 1 more with 2 additional games seems like a total purple glasses fantasy.
  11. No reason we shouldn't be 5-0 heading to Norman..If we can start that hot than it could be a fun year..Last game of the year against ISU could be for a birth in the title game. Barring an early game meltdown, we should be favorites going in to all but 3 of those games on the schedule
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  12. Well, there was that one time in Kansas....
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  13. ...and this one time at band camp
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  14. No. KU knows Meach’s signals.
  15. duquesne could be (by far?) the worst FCS team we’ve faced since joining the big 12

    You joke but struggled with FCS teams in 2013 and 2016 (less than 24 pt wins) and that was a decent predictor
  16. That's what the Aggie put on the form in answer to "SEX:"

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