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247 Sports: TCU baseball set to host MLB Network's "Intentional Talk" live broadcast Friday


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TCU baseball set to host MLB Network's "Intentional Talk" live broadcast Friday​

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TCU baseball and Lupton Stadium will host MLB Network's Intentional Talk this weekend, as the Horned Frogs host West Virginia for their final series of the regular season. The program will broadcast their show live from Lupton on Friday afternoon, following the game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and Chicago Cubs.

Intentional Talk – with Siera Santos, Ryan Demptser and Kevin Millar – is MLBN's longest-running talk show, debuting in 2011. The show continues to grow in popularity, seeing a 13% increase in viewership over the 2023 regular season through May 14th, according to Nielsen. This is the second time the show will broadcast live from a college campus, having previously gone live from the University of Texas in May of 2022.

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Good show on IT today with quality interviews of Saarloos and several players. Good video of our baseball facilities. Kevin Millar was great as always and come to find out his daughter will be an incoming freshman at TCU next year. Co-host Sierra Santos's niece is currently a student at TCU. Quite sure that had a lot to do with TCU being only the second school they have broadcasted live from.