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2021 Ladies soccer thread….


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Seems like a very rotten deal. Figured a 2 seed at the absolute worst based on the resume (regular season and tournament champs), ranking, and depth of the squad with experience from last year's run. I'm really puzzled by this. Were there really 8 or so teams that had weeks much better than our last week? I felt that's the type of position we were in going into the tournament.

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Expected to see the ACC get the love they did. Was surprised how much the SEC SEC SEC was favored and the Big 10 as well. Except for the PAC getting treated fairly, incredible east coast bias.


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Which is why TCU should always have a strong team—the amount of talent in NTX—Solar and many other clubs.

think he’s asking about added time and the answer is no in college soccer. Firm clock.

She apparently committed to UT in middle school. I'd prefer Coach Bell not offer kids at age 13, and if that means TCU misses on a few good ones, so be it.

Thanks for the report from on site, @Retired Frog, and for supporting the Frogs in person.
Her dad was a grad assistant here as well. He's still North Carolina men's all-time leading scorer. He pretty much put together the Solar girls teams from 99's to 03's. I'll give Solca some credit as well.


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So when we win we play the winner of Princeton/Vermont. Then expect to play the #1 seed Rutgers. Rutgers lost to Princeton 4-3. They lost to Michigan 1-0 in Big 10 final after beating them 4-1 during season

I’ve booked Tickets to Santa Clara for the Final Four. We are Going!!!
The thing about it is we would play both Princeton and Rutgers in New Jersey.


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Big 12 RPIs:
Texas. 35
West Virginia. 44
Ok State. 61
Baylor. 72
Texas Tech. 83
Kansas. 93
OU. 105
Iowa State 179
Kansas St. 187

Based on this, I thought a 2 seed was a reach, a 3 seed would be doable, and a 4 seed at the low wend of the range. Plus, I would think we have one if the worst losses of all the top 4 seeds to Baylor.