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2021-2022 TCU Baseball Thread


Was I supposed to type something here?


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I think the most painful one was landing in front of Cortez' army in 1521 Mexico. That was dumb even to my pre-teen self...

Hernán Cortés (played by Anthony Caruso) has captured the royal family of the Tlaxcalan people of Mexico just as his army of 3,000 Tlaxcalans begins its deadly rampage through Cholula during the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire. He is questioning them about the location of a golden mask, the symbol of ruling authority to these Indians. Doug and Tony arrive before the torture begins and are captured trying to save the royals. Once Cortés gets the information he wants, he kills the king and queen but keeps the timid royal heir alive for the moment. While Cortés is away watching the burning of his ships to prevent the rebellion of his troops, a member of the tribe frees the royal heir as well as Tony and Doug. The four of them try to retrieve the mask before the Spaniards gain it.
Project HQ, meanwhile, has enlisted the aid of a Mexican named Castillano (Rodolfo Hoyos Jr.) to help pinpoint Tony and Doug's location in Veracruz in order to bring the two scientists back. However, it turns out that Castillano is more concerned with acquiring the mask for himself. He insists that the project team bring back the mask before their colleagues. When HQ transports the mask, Doug, Tony and the young chief are in the cave containing the mask, being forced by a Spanish captain to collect the gold given to the pagan god. The transport of the mask threatens to collapse the cave, so the team tries to send it back, but Castillano grabs the mask and threatens to shoot anyone in his way. A short gun battle breaks out in HQ and the mask is successfully sent back. However, the time disturbances cause the cave to collapse onto the greedy captain. The young chief, now confident in his ability to lead his people, saves the mask while Doug and Tony are transported to a new era.


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I'll start posting some EOY stats and such when I get the chance. All or most of this can be found at the team website although you sometimes have to work around little quicks like OPS being on one version but not the PDF version. I'll start with the undisputed star of the team and a remarkable offensive turnaround in his "contract" year. Note that some of the relative rankings will move around as some players are still playing (sux but true)

Tommy Sacco
OPS: 1.088 (1st on team)
BA: .355 (up from .231 in 2021 and the only Frog to be in the Top 250 qualifying D1 players at #151)
OB%: .433 (2nd on team)
SLG: .645 (1st on team and the only Frog to be in the Top 250 qualifying D1 players at #96)
RBI: 58 (1st on team and 15% of the team total...tied for 115th among D1 players)
TB: 149
ABs: 231
HITS: 82 (1st on team)
HRs: 14 (1st on team and 23% of the team total)
DUB: 23 (1st on team and 19% of the team total...tied for #18 among D1 players...41st among players for doubles per game played)
BB: 34
SO: 42
SB: 18 (18% of the team total)
FLD%: .975 (up from .959 in 2021)

2022 Season = AWESOME
Thanks Pharm! Hope Tommy earned some MLB money! He deserves it!