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2020-2021 European Football Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Jul 30, 2018.

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  2. Forget what I said, @Portland Frog...unfortunately @dawg was right in regards to CBS airing or rather not airing the games ugh.

    They are only going to air 3 (3!) games the rest of the way on their main channel or cbs sports I guess. The rest are all on their streaming service.

    Such a scheiss show. CBS might be the worst network for the champions league and that’s saying something after Turner’s interesting attempt.

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  3. Have found that Real vs ManCity will be aired on a local Spanish channel, KSTR.

    Lyon vs Juventus will be aired on Galavision it looks like.

    Scheissing CBS.
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  4. Some interesting and smart replies. This continued push to make everything streaming may eventually backfire.
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  5. I wonder if this is just for US only? Do folks in Europe also only have access to these games via a streaming service? This same question applies to the recent FA Cup final (only on ESPN+ in US).
  6. I know until the last few years that we in the states had far more viewing options and games aired on tv.

    I think Amazon and some others have helped Europe more in providing more options but I’m not totally sure what it looks like these days.
  7. For sure. Sadly, Arsenal's transfer policy seems to be: "Oh? Is Kia Joorabchian your agent then? Great, let's sign you up and overpay for your services."
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    Yeah, [ "illegitimate Baylor boys" ]. Sadly, this where sports is heading.
  9. The US football supporters, until recently, had it better viewing-wise than those in Europe. In the UK, for example, you'd need subscriptions to Sky Sports (most EPL matches and League Cup) and BT Sports (additional EPL, the FA Cup, CL and EL, plus a few other leagues), which runs £70 a month. Here, for my $50 YouTubeTV subscription, I got pretty much everything. NBC does a great job with EPL. Fox had Bundesliga, FA Cup, and CL on the main Fox channel, FS1, and FS2. Serie A popped up occasionally on broadcast channels.

    Then ESPN moved Serie A to ESPN+. Mother Mouse also just bought Bundeslia rights, which will conveniently move exclusively* to ESPN+. NBC is moving more EPL matches to Peacock. Now CBS. Ugh.

    *EDIT: Apparently "select" matches will air on ESPN broadcast networks.

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  10. I want City to lose every game they play always. Same for Chelsea, if I'm being honest. So, too, for United. About the only other clubs I always want to see lose are Barca/Real Madrid, Bayern, and PSG. If I cared more about Serie A I'd also root against AC Milan and Juve. I very much root against historic front runners unless it's my hometown team, but the Cowboys are the only team that might fit that description even though they've sucked for well over half my life.
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  11. It will backfire with me. I've reached the point where I refuse to keep paying extra for another channel.
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  12. CBS makes the NCAA Tournament so painful to watch. I've long considered it the worst network for sports of every type. I only watch games on CBS b/c I care about the event or player/team. If I've got other options with no dog in the hunt I choose another network EVERY single time.
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Great reply from Wahl; I watched USA 94, France 98, and Korea/Japan 2002 on Univison/Telemundo.

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  15. Same here. Somehow, rather luckily, I received HBO Max for free due to my AT&T agreement.
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  16. COMPLETELY AGREE. This is gonna be awful. UEFA and Fifa will quickly find that out.
  17. Yeah that was one that got me thinking too and he’s exactly right. Crazy to think that but it’s definitely closer to the truth than an exaggeration.
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  19. I'm not at all opposed to watching a game on Univision.
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  20. No, agreed and will do so. It does get a bit harder for me if I’m not paying close attention as I can’t necessarily tell when a foul or a goal has occurred as the commentators go spastic for both.
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