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2019-2020 European Football Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. Glad he's gone b/c the federation needs new blood, but I can't celebrate too much that his ouster came because of this absurd dispute. There's a reason WNBA players aren't suing the league for pay inequality.
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  2. Pretty much where I’m at as well.
  3. This quote is a good example of what I mean...

    This "offensive" statement is not factually incorrect. When the USWNT wins the men's World Cup it will be incorrect. Until then I think this guy resigned because of a specious argument being taken to court. Between this and coronavirus hysteria I'm pretty sure I'm in a bad dream right now. Society has lost its marbles.
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  4. agree the argument made by the association was terrible.

    simply lay out the fact the women on the national team roster are w2 employees receiving set compensation, benefits and a bonus structure as well as the amount of money spent by the association to prop up the women's league in the us that would fold up over night if the association pulled its support.

    then show that the men are effectively 1099 employees who only get paid for going through training and on a national team game day roster.

    then compare the ad revenue, ticket revenue, television revision, and splits from fifa for the women and men.

    if they really want to get into the issue of the potential bonuses note that for the women the national team is where they make their most money, but that isn't the case for the men. a player like pulisic gets paid a great deal of money by his club and they effect a great deal.

    the physical toll on the players in the elite professional leagues is far greater in terms of the number of games so the association uses the bonus structure to entice the best men to play for the us team when they could easily sit out, save the wear and tear and get paid quite well by their clubs
  5. Naturally, Megan Rapinoe was asked for her thoughts on the matter. You can guess her response.
  6. Yeah. No shock she's the first one to have a microphone stuck in her face. I don't think there has ever been a point in her career that she's been the best player on the USWNT, but she's treated like the greatest player ever. Media loves her b/c she's easily controversial.
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  8. Unless I'm misunderstanding..... Hard to feel that badly for them if they rejected the same pay for play model the men have.
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  9. That’s how I understood it as well.
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  11. Chongo, have you read anything lately about the EPL returning with empty stadiums? Just like with college football and NFL, MLB, etc. there are many different ideas/plans floating around.
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  12. kinda?

    way overestimate their value and i think the federation should let the women break off and create their own federation with no share of the men's split from fifa

    additionally, they pay for their own league, pay for those guaranteed salaries, and benefits

    won't happen, but one can hope
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  13. I was trying to be somewhat diplomatic ha.

    Agreed...they would find out rather quickly I think that they and their league (here at least) wouldn’t survive whatsoever.
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    Latest stuff I’ve seen is the idea of playing their games at neutral grounds seems to be heating up.

    I have a feeling they are hoping the Bundesliga or someone else starts playing soon so the EPL can see how they do things before the EPL finally decide something.
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  15. yah Bundesliga, come on, be the guinea pigs
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    Bundesliga to restart May 16th!!
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  17. Let's not hold our breath as to when the EPL returns.
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  18. Latest I’ve heard is that the clubs are open to relegation still happening, which is surprising. Neutral site games seem to be causing some issues for whatever the reasons but I wasn’t paying too much attention to all that so I could be way wrong.
  19. Should know much more after this weekend about England. Looks like Leagues 1 & 2 may just end their seasons while the Championship (the only English league I care about this year) will carry on, IF the EPL carries on.

    Looks like the EPL will carry on in some function so the championship likely will too with promotion and relegation active in both leagues. We will see if any of this comes about.
  20. Serie A announces plans for June 13 restart.

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