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2018-2019 European Football Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. What's infuriating is that they found him before they found Earnie Stewart. What in the holy blue darn were they waiting on? It might have been nice to not lose an entire year for the new guy developing his program, especially considering the amount of young talent he has to work with in his player pool. The USSF is as frustrating as Jerry Jones.

    I am excited for Berhalter, though. He had a good run in Columbus and he'll be good for the USMNT. I'm withholding judgement on whether or not he's the tactician we'll need to break through at the highest levels of international play, but I do think he'll be a solid manager who will help us develop the young talent and won't squander it like the previous three have done at times.
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  2. Totally agree on the USSF. We gotta get our [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] together.
  3. The Arsenal 4-2 Spurs. What a match today. My “Hope Meter” is starting to peg. I initially didn’t like the Emery appointment, but the improvement has been dramatic. That’s a match in which we’d have folded and lost the past few years, especially after Spurs took the lead. Now 19-straight unbeaten, Auba’s scored with his last ten shots on goal in the league, and there seems to be some tactics in the dugout to go with an increasing spine on the pitch. Are we winning the league? No, but we’re impoving for the first time in years. Oh, and Ramsey? His reaction to Dier celebrating infront in front of the bench spoke volumes, as did his contributions in the 2nd half. I think we’d be fools to let him go.
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  4. Not sure if any gamblers out there... I take all of the data, run regression, etc... and get my own value for each of the games. Attachment was for Saturday's games only.. I didn't get a chance to run numbers for today's games. Anyways, when the adjusted Kelly value is 3 or higher (in green), I take a closer look and potentially make a wager on the game.

    I don't follow soccer, but I run the numbers on all of the major leagues to see if there are any value bets available. Not sure if this would be helpful for anyone in here. If so, I can try to post when I get a chance.

    Baseball is my preferred sport for gambling, but Im getting hockey dialed in, and Im working on a basketball model as well since there are leagues all over the world. Football... there just aren't enough data points until the season is damn near over. Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 9.39.47 PM.png
  5. Agreed. I’m slowly coming to the realization that due to our federation we will never rise much higher in the international arena than where we’ve been the last 10-16 years. It’s such a Mickey Mouse organization and has historically been so.
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  6. His first year in Colombus was kinda meh but towards the end of his tenure they were playing some exciting and attractive stuff.

    I’m still kinda meh on him though but mainly I think because this whole process was just ridiculous and aggravating.
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  7. Glad Chelsea won but it was not very inspiring.
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    Just finished watching the match and purposely avoided this thread so y’all wouldn’t spoil it for me ha. Completely agree. My apathy is starting to wane, thankfully. I always felt Emery got a raw deal at PSG and I’m starting to be cautiously optimistic about things.

    Agree about Ramsey but sadly I think he’s set his sights on leaving. Torreira (sic?) is a stud. Amazing, absolutely mind blowing amazing how Wenger never thought there was a need for someone like that. Guendouzi is gonna be good I believe. Holding continues to impress. Xhaka has finally settled in because of Emery.
    And no Ozil today and the team looked amazing.
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  9. Didn’t get to see it but I’d imagine it was tough for them to get up against Fulham having just lost.
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    Arsenal vs ManU has been a bit stop and go frenetic today. 10 minutes or so left. Both teams have looked good at times.

    Chelsea lost again. Maybe teams are starting to figure out Sarri’s tactics?
  11. Stumbled across this today, man I’d forgotten how awesome this was.....

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  12. Frantic match; I was hopeful for a first win at Old Trafford in over a decade but a point isn't a bad result, given our recent history there. Really need to get three from Huddersfield this weekend though.

    Those of y'all who follow the Bundisliga...what's the deal with Bayern this year? Glad to see someone else at the top, and hopefully BVB (and Pulisic) hold on for the title.
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  13. For real man, that second goal by ManU was just criminal.

    Injuries and age mostly. They lost Coman and a couple of other guys who could’ve provided better depth and age has just caught up with Müller and Ribery and even Robben to an extent. Plus there are rumors some of the older star players have been reluctant to follow Kovac and his plans. He’s a good coach, I feel bad for him. Those older guys are just used to getting their way.
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  14. I think this one may end up better than Pulisic. Really cool.
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  15. Currently watching my recording of that haha. At least I know what to look forward to.
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  16. Jsauce picked them as his official allegiance. The hex is on.
  17. I've got to see more from him at this level before I say he could be better than Pulisic.
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  20. I haven’t seen a ton of him either, but you can tell he’s a goal scorer. Very composed for his age.
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