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2018-2019 European Football Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. The owner has now been officially confirmed as one of those who died in the crash.
  2. Given how the TCU game is going, the Bayern vs Dortmund game on fox sports 2 has been awesome so far. Try to catch a replay if you can.
  3. Fox Sports 1 will be showing a replay of this game tomorrow night at 9. Thoroughly enjoyable. Far far more entertaining than the TCU game. Those of you that like the Bundesliga will enjoy this game.
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  4. Anyone else watching Man U/Man City? 1-0 Man City early.
  5. Recording sooo thanks for that haha. Watching my recording of Everton vs Chelsea first as I watched Leipzig and Leverkusen live. Leipzig wiped the floor with them.

    I figured City would or will win fairly easily today so I’m just messing with you about the spoiler.

  6. You want the Chelsea score? I watched that one too. LOL!
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  7. 60 minutes into MU/MC..... it’s a good one.
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    Now that was pretty by Man City. That was almost 2 full minutes of possession and passes that led to that goal!

    Edit: 42 passes involved in that goal. Wow...
  9. dortmund v bayern match was very entertaining and dortmund needs to be given a great deal of credit for switching management, implementing a new style, and finding the talent that fits after last seasons collapse
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  10. Another tie for CHE today vs Everton. Still not a loss though in the EPL. Hmmm
  11. Sarri is legit.
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  12. CHE getting worked early 2-0 by Tottenham. So much space in the midfield for them to work. Too easy.
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  13. dortmund wins 2-1 and continues to lead bundesliga

    talk about julian weigel possibly being loaned out in january if not moved. curious is pulisic could be loaned to get more playing time.
  14. Enjoyed watching that. Probably should have been much worse than 3-nil in the end. Spurs had tons of great chances that just missed. Kane had a golden chance that just missed high. I'd watch that 12 more times and enjoy it more each time I watched it.
  15. If he isn’t getting enough PT wouldn’t be be better off transferring???
  16. i have heard of potential suitors for weigel, but not pulisic
  17. Entertaining match between Spurs and Chelsea. Especially if you’re a Spurs fan.
  18. Believe that's last week's game, but it was fantastic. Spurs play Gunners tomorrow. COYS!
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  19. Haha!!!
  20. Looks like the USMNT found their man FINALLY in Greg Berhalter. Not a huge MLS guy (though I’m trying) so I don’t know a ton about him. Article I read says he employs a “possession based” style..... I look forward to having more than 20% of the possession against good teams in the coming years.

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