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#17 Frog Basketball @ #19 Bailure U. - 8pm ESPN2

Great comeback, ON THE ROAD!

Scott Drew keeps reeling in 5-star and high 4-star recruits. I suppose it helps having won a National Championship, and now building a beautiful $213M basketball complex.
‘The goal was to take the simple structural expression, natural light and steep seating rakes from historic college basketball venues such as Hinkle Fieldhouse, Allen Fieldhouse, Cameron Indoor Arena and The Palestra and combine those elements with premium seats, end zone videoboards and other modern amenities to make up Foster Pavilion.’
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Frogs only shoot 3/14 from three while Baylor cans 11/24 and Baylor out rebounds TCU 37 to 30 (12 to 11 offensive). Both teams hit their free throws but Baylor had 10 more attempts, making 9 of those.

The winning stats—Frogs only had 7 turnovers and corraled 7 steals to Baylor's 15 turnovers and only 3 steals, thus TCU got more shots—33 of 68 (48%) versus 24 of 54 (44%). That balanced out Baylor‘s 9 more free throws and 8 more threes, so the Frogs won by ONE. As @JogginFrog stated, TCU won big, deep in the paint at the rack.

Frogs’ weaknesses last year were taking care of the ball (turnovers) and shooting threes. They have greatly improved in not turning the ball over, a point of emphasis during the off-season.

Appears TCU knows their 3 point shooting will often be subpar and thus will play to their strength — their athleticism and maturity taking them closer to the rim.
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A lot of the game stats were not in our favor, but these stand out:

TCU leads the nation in fastbreak points at 21.77 ppg and 283 total points (before last night). Against Baylor, TCU was 23-2 on transition baskets.

In the paint, TCU dominated 52-24.
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Looks like he printed that Georgia logo
Haha he did! If you look close you notice it's a perfect rectangle, and you can see pins in the upper corners.

What a perfect dork.
Did anyone notice the clock on the last play? It did not start when the guy caught the inbound, nor did it start when the 2nd guy caught the pass, nor did it start when the 2nd guy took multiple dribbles.