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    Lincoln Riley to USC

    His teams overpowered or competed well with those that either had talent but weren't well coached (UT) or were less talented (MWC, CUSA, WAC teams). OU was well coached and had talented kids especially in the trenches..
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    FWST: TCU football is not wrong for hiring Art Briles’ former strength coach at Baylor

    Not to mention th District Attorney's office in McClennan County- talk about a corrupt group of lawyers! They squelched it all to protect their own..
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    KTSM: Going in for the Kill: newest New Mexico State football coach Jerry Kill arrives in Las Cruces

    I hope he kills it out there ;-) What a good guy.. Gotta love a guy that takes on a challenge like that and is even willing to put some of his money into it. It sounds like a pretty thankless job..
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    GoFrogs: Watch Sonny Dykes press conference at 10 a.m. today

    Tommerdahl was the Special Teams coach on Fran's staff here at TCU.. I remember Fran telling a recruiting story about him when they were somewhere before- perhaps at UNM- Tommerdahl was in a recruit's living room in a tense moment sitting on a couch. He had kind of a mullet back then and the...
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    GoFrogs: Watch Sonny Dykes press conference at 10 a.m. today

    I mentioned to Sonny today that I dated his cousin briefly in the mid/late 80s in Houston and remember her mentioning his brother Rick was a grad asst or assistant at Rice on Jerry Berndt's staff at the time. Sonny introduced his sister BeBe to us- she lives in Lubbock, who told us that the...
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    Cumbie to La Tech

    From many/most acounts, the guy is a great recruiter and showed alot of promise in his interim role over the last several games. Plus, he's now at the right Tech- he's within 100 miles of some very fertile recruiting and LA Tech has shown that they can compete well in G5 competition. As stated...
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    My biggest pleasant surprise this season..

    I, for one, am impressed with JD in my limited dealings with him- a meal and a few discussions- I admit that I have had small doubts that have he's the right guy for the job but those have disappeared. I talked to one young man today at the press conference who joined the Athletic Department in...
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    Z Evans in the portal….

    I really have no idea what the real situation with ZE is other than I've been told by those in the athletic department that he really is a good kid. However, I do find it perplexing that he appeared to call himself out of games after a run or when he broke free down the sidelines he would step...
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    Gameday Thread: TCU vs Cyclones (Bowl Eligibility Edition)

    Que Jo's spot is being filled by Qui Bro (88).. Hoping the true freshman has a coming out game..
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    Official Coaching Search Thread….

    In previous years, this would be one of the top jobs available but as others have previously posted, the Big12 being gutted along with blue bloods like Fla, LSU, USC, WA and others also in need of coaches has made this year different. But, a coach getting autonomy to run his program here and...
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    Max intends to return in 2022

    A fresh coaching perspective could have a similar effect for Max that it did for Boykin after his third year in the program where, in 2014, he went from being an okay quarterback to being an absolute stud. Many/most of us thought Boykin's best days ahead prior to that season were at WR or RB too..
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    Official Coaching Search Thread….

    I think there's a high likelihood that Tech wanted Sonny but he felt it was a Death Valley move and that he'd be better off staying put at SMU.. However, he'll react differently if offered by TCU.. Now, that doesn't mean he's destined for the CFP here, but I think it's not out of the realm of...
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    Prayers for the Andrews, Texas Community

    Old adage- the only place in the world that seems bigger than Texas is.... West Texas... I used to have clients from the East Coast meet me in different parts of west Texas and they initially thought they were in the Twilight Zone. However, when they realized how wonderful and straight shooting...
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    Please hire Sonny Dykes

    The whole Gary and Sonny Dykes ordeal reminds me of Darrell Royal's demise when he was forced out after 20 years and was spending his last few years hanging around in the country music scene a la Gary. Royal, like Gary, killed it until his last 5 years then got unfocused and lost his team via...
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    Official Coaching Search Thread….

    I agree with earlier posters that Sonny's ability to get very good quarterbacks is of the highest importance. Had TCU had solid qb play over the last 6 years, Gary would be in great shape here. UT has also been in a quarterback funk for over a decade and have lost 3 coaches as a result and have...