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    Looks like a Texas high school playoff.
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    CCG weekend thread

    Looks like us.
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    Lincoln Riley to USC

    Awrite, remain ignorant. I done the best I could.
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    2022 Recruiting Thread

    yes, our low level hurt us this year.
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    2022 Recruiting Thread

    Can agree here!
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    Lincoln Riley to USC

    lot of water has gone under the bridge since the first century. U raise a good point. Any Christian social philosophy cannot ignore Marx. He may have been a third rate economist, but he was a first rate philosopher. He pointed out the class structure of capitalism. His solutions weren't so...
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    Z Evans in the portal….

    right, not a bad kid, but a kid indeed.
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    Lincoln Riley to USC

    I can't, which is why I am a Democrat. Donwanna a Stalingrad.
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    which is more irritating?

    Listening to USC's fight song or Boomer Sooner for an extended time? I don't mind Texas Fight or even the Aggies' songs, and in fact even like Baylor's and Tech's songs, but Boomer and USC (men of Troy) drive me crazy, plus SMOO's coming round the mountain.
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    Lincoln Riley to USC

    At Stalingrad I'd root for the Antifas any day.
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    Lincoln Riley to USC

    and what's wrong with wanting to be a social justice warrior? That's what we all ought to be as Christians. LK. 1: 46-55
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    Week 13 Games to Watch / Other Games Thread

    back in the late sixties they had the honies.
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    Week 13 Games to Watch / Other Games Thread

    that was a vicious hit. Did they call targeting?
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    So glad TCU is not in a Bowl Game!

    a bowl game just wasn't in the cards. Iowa State is a good football team. I knew our chances were slim, and after about 30 min. I ran out of hope. We were beat up and the motivation to win was not in us. And that's the way it was.