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    TCU Hoops Thoughts

    I think the TCU basketball fan is a bit beaten down. We have no real tradition of winning. While the hardcore fans are likely as optimistic as we have ever been, history has taught us to moderate our expectations. But I couldn’t be happier with where Frog basketball is at the moment and your...
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    2022 Football Regular Season Predictions

    8-4 Thanks for the Kool-ade.
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    OT: Chris Stapleton at Dickies

    Call Dickies ticket office direct if you haven’t already. They can help if there are suites available
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    Stop all social media ASAP

    You’re correct. It’s not.
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    Fall Camp 8-2-22

    The tempo will be dictated by what we laughingly refer to as the Big 12 officiating crews
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    FWST: Sonny Dykes wants his quarterback to be TCU’s point guard

    Not for SD. His offensive philosophy can be summed up very simply: Get the ball in the hands of your playmakers. In light of that, his point guard/quarterback comparison is apt
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    What we are hearing from the Big 12 and Pac 12

    You already know how we construe things around here
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    Colorado Calls Big 12 a JUCO Conference

    ‘ß’ is an eszett. An umlaut is two dots like a horizontal colon which indicate pronunciation of a, o or u.
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    Colorado Calls Big 12 a JUCO Conference

    I am real close to not caring about this sheiße