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    Missing Persons Report - DC

    Do you remember when she posed for Hustler in the 80’s? I sure do. Still blind in 2021. NF
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    Texas and OU….

    I just wonder if/how much OU was bullied by UT and the SEC to make this move. I've heard rumors of some "money problems" in Norman. Did they just succumb to the pressure to solve some perceived financial needs or did they REALLY want to leave the Big 12? Texas prints money so this is just...
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    Z Evans in the portal….

    Fingers crossed. Am I doing it right? NF
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    Welcome Coach Sonny Dykes Thread

    You want to surf son? Yes Sir. That's good because you either surf or fight. NF
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    Official Coaching Search Thread….

    I just want to know which one of you sickos is gonna carry the Crazy George mantle? I want that, the Cotton Eyed Joe and Sonny wearing cowboy hat, boots and a quilted down vest on the sidelines. NF
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    Hats off to Emari Demercado. His fab Senior Year effort in a failing enterprise is admirable.

    I'll buy that young man a cup of coffee and a slice of pie at Old neighborhood Grill. NF
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    Which of the current coaches will Dykes retain?

    Yeah, but not before he administered a Dirty Sanchez. That's wicked bucket list material right there! NF
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    Official Coaching Search Thread….

    Strong to quite strong! NF
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    Official Coaching Search Thread….

    I was the Reed Hall flasher. Not sorry. NF
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    Official Coaching Search Thread….

    I know I'm about a decade late but I'm just at the end of season one. That Kahleesi is a smoke show. NF
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    Did PATTERSON really say this to his players ? Holy Crap !! Man I hope not cuz If so this is really bad.

    I'm not necessarily saying his is the long term answer but what I am saying is that he has brought a sense of security that this whole thing won't just implode until a longer term solution appears. There might be some staff retention..I guess the depends on which we the suits decide to go. I'm...
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    Did PATTERSON really say this to his players ? Holy Crap !! Man I hope not cuz If so this is really bad.

    This is really good to hear. I certainly have been frustrated with the staff over the years but it I suspect that there is an unspoken sense of relief about certain aspects of this move. They now have an opportunity to showcase their coaching talents for the next employer without the...
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    A&M building downtown campus.

    Aggieland North? What a bunch of self important blowhards… That being said, re-developing that part of downtown is going to be nice but you can leave the white kids with dreads and track marks down south. Thanks. NF
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    You know what? Good for him. Glad he supports them with passion. I read the story and he is the t-shirt fan we always talk about needing in our stands. Make no mistake, I’m glad we took a dump on his Saturday but I admire his game. NF