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    Parking for ISU game

    Big fan of parking over at Fort God. 20.00 . Always a smooth operation. NF
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    KSU Klieman the Frontrunner for Nebraska?

    Ok...so the KSU coach is announced to NU next Sunday after a win. GP is announced to KSU the same day. NU insists their coach show up immediately and start recruiting. KSU asks GP if he can immediately coach KSU in title game/post season. TV gets a boner NF
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    About that Dykes November swoon

    It's piss. NF
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    Two old tales of being too "up" for a game.

    Duggan was just looking for an ice bath. Probably really stove up. NF
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    Gentlemen, a vow is a vow...

    Now I REALLY have to meet you in person….and I used to play Santa for about 15 years. I feel like we just became best friends. NF
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    Miller blitz block

    Ahhh. I’m 54 now. Time has become a flat circle for me. NF
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    Miller blitz block

    I can’t remember if it was in the third or fourth but UT brought a wicked blitz and Miller stepped in and the Longhorn player’s knees wobbled. Anybody remember it? Is there video? It was epic. TIA. NF
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    Suck it Texas

    Tell you what. If your back can handle one game this year I would be honored for you to be my guest at Iowa State. PM me if you would like to give it the old college try. NF
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    Latest Coaches Poll is released.

    I really want UTSA to keep winning and Texas to lose another. If that flip in the poll were to happen we might just see a public suicide from the clock tower. NF
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    Suck it Texas

    Totally agree about calling ACS a jewel. Have seats in the NEZ that split the uprights. Fantastic viewing. NF
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    Patterson talking with Duggan?

    There is absolutely no doubt on Dr. K’s stamp on our TCU legacy. Not just sports either. I was proud to call him a mentor, friend and workout partner in our old weight room. NF
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    FOX Big Noon Kickoff in Waco

    Who knows, she might like two fat guys at once. I mean, Octopus porn is a thing. NF
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    FOX Big Noon Kickoff in Waco

    I’m with you. NF
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    Tomorrow is the biggest game for TCU since….when?

    We’ve all been tricked by the winking p. NF
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    New statue

    Hypnotoad NF