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    2022 Recruiting Thread

    Phil cincy Dishman, zim? Who else
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    247 Sport: TCU adds Navy transfer LB Johnny Hodges

    Many have tested positive for Covid, have proof of antibodies and tested positive for omicron.
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    247 Sport: TCU adds Navy transfer LB Johnny Hodges

    Sorry to offend, I just wasn’t sure what would qualify under a religious belief. Maybe people are just trying to use that as their out. As a non-denominational Christian, I don’t think I have a religious out to the vaccine. Unless I decided to make something up
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    247 Sport: TCU adds Navy transfer LB Johnny Hodges

    Which particular religions would be opposed to vaccinations? Probably not many main stream? I understand pork red meat and some food restrictions. Some blood transfusion restrictions also.
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    TCU basketball game Wednesday cancelled

    Omicron Is spreading like wildfire all over the country, especially here in Fort Worth. Vaccines do not help with this variant. We are fortunate that this variant is fairly mild. This is probably the best news we could have in developing herd immunity. There’s no one to blame, the vaccinated...
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    Am I The Only One To Know or The Last One To Know….

    BrewingFrog, Patterson is why TCU is fantastic. Patterson is also the reason why we have tanked the last four years. His personality in the locker room with his coaches and his players was toxic. This is not a guess, people disliked the locker room. All he did was Yell, He had the respect of...
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    2022 Recruiting Thread

    Great group of kids today! Proud to be a Frog!
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    Meach officially retained

    He loves TCU!
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    Official Coaching Search Thread….

    Two weeks ago Wednesday to be specific!
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    Official Coaching Search Thread….

    Meach didn’t get fired. Gary was going to let Sonny Cumbie call plays. Gary had not yet told Meach of his plans but had told many other people. It got back to Meach after having a great 2014 and 15 and then an average 16. Meach got mad and left.
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    Gonna give Meach a shout out

    Just 1‍♂️ Meach did great with some freedom.
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    Miller's Injury

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    Something Does Not Add Up

    It never started that way. We had a top 20 offense until the last two games when Max broke two bones in his foot. That changed everything. It has been defense and overall leadership. Offense was a bright spot until qb couldn’t run. Completely changed everything.