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    2023 Recruiting Thread

    More pages of arguing than recruiting info. Keep up the good work!
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    GoFrogs: Battle Tested, Battle Won

    Will we get ranked?
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    2022 Recruiting Thread

    Please respect my decision to not respect your decision!
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    Gillespie named TCU DC……

    We need a coach to call goal line fades to our shortist wide receiver on the team. It works once in a 100 years!
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    SMU playing with enthusiasm and a desire to win

    Watching snow game Penn state Michigan state fun game to watch!
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    So glad TCU is not in a Bowl Game!

    TCU is my team so I will watch them no matter what. This year has sucked it’s hard and painful to watch. With that in mind I am glad I don’t have to watch. Our new Coaches need to focus 100% on recruiting not a stupid bowl game. Just an opinion not a mentality.
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    So glad TCU is not in a Bowl Game!

    I did not need or want to see TCU in the Cheese It Bowl. This team and season needed to be over. The team is unwatchable.
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    Coach Dykes Officially Named ESPN

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    Coach Dykes Officially Named ESPN

    Done Deal
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    Official Coaching Search Thread….

    I hate this hire for many reasons. Biggest reason is our defense sucked and we hired an offense minded coach. Well life isn’t fair! Now that the decision is made I will support this Coach with all I have. If he fails our school fails. Get over it and support the Program I know I will.
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    Why all the coaches are being fired…

    I think all coaches presidents ad’s have a shelf life. It is healthy to change sometimes. What that magic number of years is? I have no idea. Clearly we needed a change. TCU does not have a history of impatience most of our coaches stuck around a long time or left on their own. We haven’t...
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    Official Coaching Search Thread….

    I think we need to change everything no leftovers. Complete change no regime brings in who they want. If they want some current staff great if not great. I don’t like any part of what our team has been doing the last five years.
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    2022 Recruiting Thread

    My guess is the coach we want is still coaching their team. They don’t want a distraction until season is over. As far as bowl game goes we can’t wait for that in my opinion.
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    An interesting conversation on Texas

    It’s not so much stars as it it great teams that want a player. If Bama, Clemson, Ohio state u, etc. are after a “5star” player, we think their great because those teams are great and get top talent!