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    Corn Dogs

    The beauty is that after their "college" butt kicking, they can put on their Saints gear, and their jewelery still matches.
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    Things I Miss

    I had Don Reece for Scuba while at TCU. My daughter had Scuba 30 years later at TCU.....from Don Reece.
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    SB Nation: TCU adds Cornell transfer Curtis Raymond III

    Yea but can he make a crown rack of lamb?
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    Happy New Year From 2022-EST

    May your only negativity in 2022 be your COVID test....
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    OT: Making Omnicron go away fast...

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    Fort Worth - 1883 on Paramount

    While McGraw is doing a fine job Faith Hill is terrible, but I've been off of her since she decided to re record Janis Joplin's "Piece of My Heart", with a country twang....still haven't gotten over it!
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    OT - Movies thread

    Watched "Being the Ricardos". The story was fair but Nicole Kidman is amazing as Lucy, especially in the scenes where they are on stage. You wouldn't know the difference...
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    I’m sitting on my back patio last night close to midnight and I hear this constant barrage of gun fire coming from the South. it sounds like a war zone. Not just one guy either. Did I miss something? Are we supposed to celebrate the birth of the Christ child by firing our AR-15s into the air...
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    Am I The Only One To Know or The Last One To Know….

    Seems like a desperate move with no apparent reason, if true.
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    Mac Engle will be rooting for Missouri
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    Fort Worth - 1883 on Paramount

    Watched the second episode today. it was way better than the first one. It's going to move slow, get used to it. I like the daughter's narritive, it reminds me of "Tree of Life", which I loved. Not for everyone, if your into super heros with giant metal arms that fly through the air and blow...
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    Fort Worth - 1883 on Paramount

    Your wife needs to tell those people that when they come in to sign their contracts, they must be wearing starched Wrangler jeans, Lucchese boots, and a JD Stetson hat or NO DEAL....
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    Fort Worth - 1883 on Paramount

    i just hope that all this renewed fascination with all things "cowboy", doesn't start another influx of Californians moving here.....
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    OT: YouTubeTV is losing ESPN

    Thanks, So when the apps, like Bravo, and ESPN ask during initial login to provide your TV provider info, Youtube, Hulu+. etc will suffice?