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    2023-2023 CFB Transfer Portal

    And if you have a player who's already transferred once and is close to graduating, you should consider finding an administrative error that leaves him a couple credits shy. :cool:
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    2023-2023 CFB Transfer Portal

    Yeah I think they're just left with Avery Johnson and his punchable face. But this is exactly what sucks about the new college football game. What happens if he gets injured in the, ahem, Pop Tarts Bowl (yet another thing that sucks)?
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    COVID-19 Threads

    How else are we going to protect the vaccinated?
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    2023-2023 CFB Transfer Portal

    Man, I'm maybe more depressed now than I was a couple days ago. I was listening to a show on XM about the upcoming bowl games and it's just a joke. They were talking about how tOSU will be without Kyle McCord (portal) and maybe Marvin Harrison Jr. (opt out for NFL draft). This is so freaking...
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    The new Texas A&M coach is….

    You're my freaking agent and you didn't tell me about THIS???
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    2024 Election

    Just a comment that's mostly unrelated to what you're saying: I've seen a few times recently where people have said, "you have to vote for Biden; the future of our democracy is at stake." I find it highly ironic. If I can't choose who I vote for, isn't democracy already dead?
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    FWST: A team is being wrongly accused of contributing to Florida State’s playoff omission

    Against my judgement I clicked on the MSN version of that and read his article. It was actually one of his best columns IMO. To pretend that we've had a bunch of close games in the four team playoff is silly. I'm still of the belief that FSU should be in, because who knows what they might...
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    Championship Weekend & CFP Predictions

    OK food for thought: what if Texas had lost? Besides several of you pouring large glasses of bourbon, what would the committee have done? Would Georgia have jumped to four?
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    Hauss Hejny

    You'd probably have to ask his mom that question.
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    TCU a "Christian" school?

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    2023-2023 CFB Transfer Portal

    Boy, I can't wait for bowl season!
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    AI failure on TCU "story"

    Never even saw that...