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    Super Regional brackets

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    Super Regional brackets

    Thanks....So winner Wake-Bama advances to winner Stanford-Texas, etc.?
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    Super Regional brackets

    Anyone know which teams are in Bracket 1 and which teams are in Bracket 2 for the Super Regionals this week?
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    Super Regional brackets?

    Anyone know which teams have been seeded in Bracket 1 and which teams in Bracket 2?
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    WTHI: Fort Worth sports bar shows Sycamore support in Special Olympics Indiana donation tweet

    The patrons of the sports bar are rooting for the WCU team.....Editing and fact-checking.....
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    TCU favored by 21 over CU

    All I said was that there were those on here who were wetting themselves over the prospect of Deion putting on the purple....Ironically, once Sonny began winning, there was nothing but growing criticism of Colorado's program, and by extension, Deion....
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    TCU favored by 21 over CU

    But I remember that there was a lot of pro-neon-Deion chatter here before Sonny was hired....
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    Big 12 in position to poach Pac 12 schools?

    Showing some chronological giftedness there....
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    Klatt’s Take On CF’s Future

    Big East kicked out Temple because of poor attendance....
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    Big 12 in position to poach Pac 12 schools?

    Don't let the coast slide into the ocean because the people who survive will come live here....Don't Pacific Coast my Texas, you know....
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    Sec baseball overrated. Yes and No.

    No in football...don't know about basketball or baseball....
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    Kirk Sarloos - Best baseball coach in TCU history?

    Kudos on "versus" versus "verse" as talking heads and many writers use....
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    TCU favored by 21 over CU

    But, but, but, we won the Rose Bowl.....