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    Make Your Plans for SATURDAY: Get to The Scholl, huge game!!!

    That's entirely possible as far as my evaluations go...if I'm proven wrong by the results I'll not complain one tiny bit, I assure you.
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    GoFrogs.com: TCU takes down Delaware State, 14-5 (Equestrian)

    Man...if it weren't for Equestrian and Rifle...
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    Make Your Plans for SATURDAY: Get to The Scholl, huge game!!!

    As much as I'd like to emphatically disagree... I doubt the rest of the season will be winless, but I think this team has shot its wad for the year.
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    OT: Pocket knives

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    TCU vs Texas MBB

    Well, yeah...since there are no ties in basketball someone is gonna win, but...
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    OT: Pocket knives

    Old Timer is an excellent brand. As you say, "...ain't fancy..." but their knives are made to work well and hard for a long, long time. ("Liked" for the cat pic)
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    OT: Pocket knives

    Thanks for the deejo comment. Their knives look great but that's not #1 on my list.
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    OT: Pocket knives

    I've seen some ads for some beautiful pocket knives made by deejo, a German company. They look great but it's a brand with which I'm unfamiliar. Any Frogs know about this outfit or their products?
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    Volunteers Needed at TCU Home Sports Games

    They sell 'em at the Walmart...
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    NFL Playoff Thread

    Switching to PBR...
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    NFL Playoff Thread

    Terrible, terrible spot. Had the first. But...heh heh..TD anyway.
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    Fan Nation: Ex TCU Coach Gary Patterson Has Been Hired By Texas

    Especially after so many feel "he had become an out-of-touch-pain-in-the-tush and I'm glad he's gone." Like the now-married ex you dumped...
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    New York Post: Jalen Reagor gives Eagles fans more reasons to boo him in playoff loss

    Pretty easy to not care about $7.84 million when it comes from another man's pocket...
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    TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine now just TCU!

    Okay, y'all have me confused (not all that difficult, y'know) Is the TCU med school DO or MD or both or something else?
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    Latest CFP Expansion talks Stall!

    The current setup is sort of like the old shell game: the marks come close, close, c-l-o-s-e to winning so they'll keep playing and not move on to another game. And, every rare so-often, one will get a sniff of winning, but mainly so the mass of players--other than The Mouse and its...