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    Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

    I saw Riggs on tv this morning. Some people will do anything for their 5 min of fame and air time!!
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    TCU better not be a team just "happy to be here"

    My wife and I were on the shuttle bus from the airport to the car rental in LA for the Rose Bowl. We were the only 2 in purple and the rest were Wisc fans. The arrogance was truly unbelievable. Literally apologizing to us for wasting our money to watch the blood bath they expected. I don't...
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    2023-2024 European Football Thread

    I actually said this exact same thing yesterday when Japan took the lead. This likely works out better for Spain, so why would they care about losing the game.
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    Army-Navy game - 10 Dec 2022

    Another Amen!! Go Army! Beat Navy!!
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    2023-2024 European Football Thread

    Played until I was 12 and then focused on the sport that landed me at TCU. To be honest, I always enjoyed soccer but that type of running was not for me. Have 2 kids that have played all their lives and I was the manager for my sons team pretty much all thought club until U15. Daughter was an...
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    Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

    is an inslut similar to a Flacon?
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    2023-2024 European Football Thread

    Road House reference?
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    The #1 thing the new coach has to address

    I always heard it referred to as a slump buster, at least that what Mark Grace called them. Wait, might be thinking of a different topic.
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    2021 Ladies soccer thread….

    Her dad was a grad assistant here as well. He's still North Carolina men's all-time leading scorer. He pretty much put together the Solar girls teams from 99's to 03's. I'll give Solca some credit as well.