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    2022-2023 European Football Thread

    I actually said this exact same thing yesterday when Japan took the lead. This likely works out better for Spain, so why would they care about losing the game.
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    COVID-19 Threads

    maybe so
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    COVID-19 Threads

    Yeah it was strange phenomenon where freight rates soared to levels never seen with nothing to ship. Quite the opposite, factories made plenty of goods and the supply chain was overrun by demand. It wasn't because the product was not available, there was not enough space capacity on vessels or...
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    COVID-19 Threads

    There is no room for that. If we start making you and others whole, how are we going to save Ukraine!!
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    Army-Navy game - 10 Dec 2022

    Another Amen!! Go Army! Beat Navy!!
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    I dont think you really want to go that route moderators

    "asking for a friend"
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    2022-2023 European Football Thread

    Played until I was 12 and then focused on the sport that landed me at TCU. To be honest, I always enjoyed soccer but that type of running was not for me. Have 2 kids that have played all their lives and I was the manager for my sons team pretty much all thought club until U15. Daughter was an...
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    The Harris/Biden Administration: Coming Together to Build Back Better

    Didn't someone on this thread say we were all basically nuts for saying this would start happening across the country? Or something like that. I can't remember exactly who. Zubaz, do you remember?
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    Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

    is an inslut similar to a Flacon?
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    COVID-19 Threads

    Doubt it. Think it was just renamed COVID.
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    Not sure where to put this

    2-0 Victory over Navy Friday night in Philly. Awesome experience for me as a parent and for my son as a player. He logged all 90 min in a great game. Go Army!!!
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    What are Republicans doing these days?

    Yep, and keep forgetting what a great upstanding guy Warnock is.
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    Not sure where to put this

    Ha!! correct on the goalie situation, correct on the announcer as well. My wife basically said trickled what!! Announcer struggled all game pronouncing our last name!! Never got it right once. Thanks guys!!