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    Frogs vs UNCW Game 2

    My season tickets are on the first base, opponent’s side. Today there were 4 or 5 mullet wearing azz whippin UNCW fans who couldn’t just root for their own players but had to rag on all TCU players. They kept up their obnoxiousness till the 6th inning! It was glorious!
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    GoFrogs: TCU Baseball at Tarleton Preview

    I hope the W with key pieces missing will help them get over the emotional loss Sunday!
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    GoFrogs: TCU Baseball at Tarleton Preview

    We have the uncanny ability to absolutely nut balls right to the other team
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    Reagan Pebley

    She had surgery to remove a non-malignant brain tumor several years ago and probably deserves a little slack. But even that is likely running out. Either way I wish her the best.
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    Newy interviewed an emotional Coach P about the title game

    Agreed, He ran to Texas. But CDC did it first and is the main reason GP is there now.
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    GP to UNLV?

    Better to stay at UT and be Del Conte’s caddie than go to UNLV!
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    Georgia, Michigan and TCU

    This! Cuz if we can’t beat Kansas State it doesn’t get any easier against Michigan or Georgia! I like our chances!
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    Name Brand Bias

    I just hope we can be 13-0 after next Saturday so I can listen to those smug elitists try to explain why 2 loss LSU and or Alabama deserve the playoffs more than TCU does.
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    Waco Tribune-Pretty Even Handed Recap

    He’s not that likeable! Seems like a joyless robot.
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    Peach Bowl likely?

    In 2011 #2 Ok St lost to 5-4 Iowa St to knock themselves right out of the old BCS picture! True Baylor is all that matters this week, but next week literally all that matters is Iowa State! The great thing is, I think this team gets it!
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    Over at Texags

    Onside kick up 74-10. What a class act!
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    Gameday Thread: TCU vs Wildcats under the lights at The Carter

    They’ve been better than the 7 teams they’ve played so far!
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    Chances this team would be undefeated under CGP?

    I loved what Coach P did for TCU, but he hated NIL and the transfer portal, whereas Sonny seems to try to work it to his advantage.