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    FWST: Former SMU star Eric Dickerson takes exception to Sonny Dykes leaving for TCU

    So says the player who got paid to play and caused the Death penalty for the first time in College Football history.....
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    GoFrogs: TCU at Georgetown Preview

    Nice win Frogballers✓✓✓✓✓
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    Not excited

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    Coach Dykes Officially Named ESPN

    No other coach but Dykes wanted to work with Donati.....fact.
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    Coach Dykes Officially Named ESPN

    Im not excited at all....
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    Fan Nation: TCU "Zeroed" In On SMU's Dykes As Next Head Coach

    TCU might have (Donati) but not me..... #firedonati
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    Please hire Sonny Dykes

    Apologize and bring Gary back and fire Donati immediately....
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    Bye Donati

    It is with Dummy Donati....