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    WSJ: The Formula That Has TCU Hunting a Spot in the College Football Playoff

    I think that was with Demercado maybe and Duggan was on the right side I believe.
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    Fun "What If" scenario

    Thanks for the correction.
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    Fun "What If" scenario

    If Ol' Miss wins out and has only 1 loss doesn't that make them SEC champs? Everybody else in the SEC W has at least 2 losses.
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    FWST: For the playoff selection committee, TCU’s win against Texas Tech won’t be enough

    Also if I remember correctly the only team to win the NC w/o being ranked in the top 25 initially was Auburn, but correct me if wrong.
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    FWST: For the playoff selection committee, TCU’s win against Texas Tech won’t be enough

    And yes in the second half we were trailing at one point before we finally went ahead in the 4th qtr.
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    Great crowd, great atmosphere, great energy at the game ……..

    Hey man, all the guy said was he was in his seat/s and didn't see any/many empty seats around him. Don't know if he knows who has the seats around him or not and/or if he's trying to take up for them, but your bashing for a fellow Frog fan (who was there) is a little uncalled for. I think...
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    Possibly The Most Positive Thing About TCU Ever On An ESPN Platform

    Pretty good article. Think Sonny is the guy to take TCU to new heights. Different philosophy and different way in handling things but it sure looks like the results over the long haul will be very positive and very fruitful.
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    Okie State Pokes @ TCU Prediction Thread

    Okie St. 28 Home Team 24 - unless D shows up, then reverse score D. Davis Miller - 92
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    KU Prediction Thread

    34 - 24 Frogs Miller 245 KU tries a couple of trick plays and goes up first, but Frogs take control of game.
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    KFF Saturday Six Pick 'Em 22-23

    Frog@71 - was sure I took USC, not Stanford.
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    Fan Nation: Ex TCU Coach Gary Patterson Has Been Hired By Texas

    Yeah, I think Sonny has to be licking his chops about playing UT next fall, especially with CP involved. Beating us two years has to have him pumped about getting a victory over the 'horns. Sonny can see things and take advantage. Looking forward to next fall and our new look.
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    It may be happening folks…. GP

    People, we've been at this point for quite a few weeks now (actually, a few years) since our product on the field has failed to yield any good results (Cheeze Its Bowl?????). Let's celebrate that we're FINALLY moving forward to see if we can bring back good times with a new staff - and get...
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    Gary please do the right thing and retire

    Well you obviously forgot about Billy Toehill: a total jerk who lost his foot in a car wreck because he got a little too drunk! That guy by Himself just about wiped out TCU football!
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    Max is not the answer

    Exactly - it's coaching. We do have talent, and not just one good running back. Much better play calling and use of talent could really help. Getting some size on the D line so they can plug holes instead of being small and (supposedly) fast could help too. But apparently this coaching...
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    Fire Gary

    This kind of coaching (lousy) and losing will ultimately send a lot of the players into the portal. TCU and Patterson are wasting and misusing the talent we have. We've been able to recruit on a decent level but unless we get a new coaching staff - top to bottom - I'm afraid we're going...