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    two interesting comments from steve avila

    As someone said in an earlier post we will never know everything. The Zach Evans saga is really intriguing. Did he have a carry limit? Did he quit after the Tech game? Was there ever a chance he was staying past last year? Also the lack of injuries is very telling. GP took us to heights I...
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    FWST: ‘I knew it was my time.’ Kendre Miller confident as TCU football’s No. 1 running back

    I am quite concerned with some of the reports coming out of spring ball. We are about half way thru and three quarters of our starters aren't injured. Is this even Horned Frog Football?
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    One year ago, this date.

    When I was in high school (78-82) we had a cold snap and school was canceled so that the electricity and gas could be diverted to other customers. As I recall it was written into the school's contract with the energy providers.
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    OT - Movies thread

    I have been watching Deadwood and really enjoying it. Plan on watching Tombstone next. 1883 has gotten me into the pioneer/western expansion mode. I wonder how many seasons they are planning for 1883? Anybody have any insights?
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    Zach Evans…

    I noticed the helmet tapping and never noticed him looking hurt. Has there been much confirmation of the rumor that he had a deal to limit carries? I did see him in a boot later in the year but there was never any talk of what the injury was. These things will probably never be known for...
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    FWST: TCU football landing running back Zach Evans was a loss disguised as a win | Opinion

    I would be curious to no more about what current and former staffers had to say.
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    Important Article re: PAC12

    I don't. It is a gut feeling. Frog Alley was great where it was. This year it (Kelly Lawn) remained relatively empty. Cal had a small alumni event, there was an event hosted by Pepsi and the Frog Club Appreciation Event. Maybe Homecoming? I don't remember. Frog Alley has been minimalized...
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    Important Article re: PAC12

    I think the reason to expand, as mentioned in the article, is inventory. More meaningful games. In the long run the blue bloods will still end up in the Championship Game but more teams will have a chance (whether real or imagined)
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    Important Article re: PAC12

    It seems like now is a great time for someone to come in and completely overhaul college football and usher in an expanded play off era. Throw out all the old way of thinking and move them into the 21st Century much like Jerry Jones did with the NFL. I feel like at the school level ADs and...
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    Fort Worth - 1883 on Paramount

    Think this has been mentioned but I sure hope the marketing department is working hard with both shows to use their material for game presentation.
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    Remembering some GP teams - 2001

    Godbolt! What a talent. Can't remember what happened but didn't he only play one year?
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    FWST: TCU football hired Sonny Dykes because he is not Gary Patterson | Opinion

    Agree with everything you said and no disrespect to GP but times have changed (probably not for better) and he seemed unwilling to change. As I sat in the stands during the SMU game my thoughts were why would anyone want to play at TCU? We were getting outplayed by a Group of 5 team, an...
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    GP tweet

    I doubt it is aimed at Evans. GP has had nothing but good things to say about Zach. I gather that there are some players with nagging injuries that have just checked out on the season. Guys that probably could play but have chosen to use those injuries to just sit out. It seems like every...
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    Looking ahead to a new regime what may/should change besides just the football?

    TCU games have to be the place to be on Saturdays. Winning will be the best marketing we can have. That being said the challenge is keeping the casual fan involved in those not so great years. It has to be fun and easy for the average Joe to come to the games. That means improving Frog...
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    Looking ahead to a new regime what may/should change besides just the football?

    It is time to blow up the pre game and start over. It has gotten stale to say the least. Put Frog Alley back where it belongs. Just my thought and I have nothing to support it but I think they are reserving the Kelly Lawn for special paid for events like the Pepsi deal they did a couple of...