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    Texas four-year college annual tuition costs

    They used to have Texas equalization grants for private schools vs state. Not sure what’s out there now.
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    Texas four-year college annual tuition costs

    It says that’s the list price but estimated actual price students are paying is $23,277 https://tuitiontracker.org/school.html?unitid=228875
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    247 Sports: TCU lands commitment from SFA transfer DL Caleb Fox

    SMU beat us how many times in a row?
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    LT and Boo

    The NFL trainers knew that he was so muscular that he needed to swim to stretch his muscles out to prevent injury. That worked - the rest is history. His brother Larry was a tough player too!
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    This is not a Top 25 baseball team....

    TCU would wallop the Rangers right now.
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    This is not a Top 25 baseball team....

    Seems a lot like the basketball season we just watched. Team still getting it together. They can be a top 25 baseball team. Maybe they’ll peak their way into Omaha.
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    LinkedIn: 10-Year Contract Extension for Sodexo at TCU

    We had dried out hockey pucks they called sirloin one day and broiled filet the next - same burger puck. The jelly filled sugar bomb sweet rolls were good and fattening.
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    ESPN 2022 football power index

    How often has this poll lasted more than 4 games?
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    GoFrogs: TCU Shut Out In Series Opener At Texas

    Yes, nobody seemed to take the bat off their shoulder- seemed more interested in watching the pitching exposition. Glad to see the team wake up, smile, and play baseball tonight! Night and day better performance. Maybe our coach is better than the whiners are spewing?
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    Frogs in the People's Republic of Austin, Game 2...

    Mt. Gay Barbados Eclipse Rum all the way for the win! Let’s take the series tomorrow! Go Frogs!
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    This is not a Top 25 baseball team....

    This thread is aging well. Look forward to Frogs taking the series tomorrow and then what will the big complaint be?
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    GoFrogs: No. 23 TCU at No. 7 Texas Baseball Series Preview

    Are we the only ones watching the game? It’s on tv thankfully. Texas putting on a pitching clinic so far. We can’t hit much of anything 2-0 Tx
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    FWST: He went to Navy to play lacrosse. Now he’s in line to be a starting linebacker at TCU.

    Give me kids who want to play. This man sounds like a warrior on many levels - definite Frog Factor! Let’s go Johnny Football!