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    What is TECH whining about???

    That’s what I was thinking. Didn’t see as many Tech fans in the stands as we usually do. The Tech band was in the NW upper deck with not a soul near them.
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    Great espn article: 12 Stories Behind TCU’s 12-0 Season

    Excellent- it’s hard to get any work done this week!
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    K-State, TCU's Kryptonite

    I’m concerned there hasn’t been enough real discussion about this up coming game on this board!
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    K-State, TCU's Kryptonite

    We’re screwed. I’m sure our coaches won’t throw any new wrinkles into our game plan from the last time we played them.
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    National Support for the Frogs

    G Georgia has 4 weeks to party and not take us seriously as a team.
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    National Support for the Frogs

    The whole committee talks nice until they become Lucy pulling the football away. We need to win Saturday pure and simple then everything else will take care of itself. This team has the talent and will to win. Above all we have the HypnoToad and no one can underestimate the value of that...
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    Best Thermal Underwear for sitting in a cold stadium?

    My Patagonia works great
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    GP to UNLV?

    One of the Tarc’s former players was my bellman at the Mandalay Bay last September. We talked about the Hot tub incident and everything Tarc. I could dig up his name - had a great talk. He was on Scholly. He started 3 years there and said he still works with the players steering them away...
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    Recent coach firings of some interest, maybe

    Win a Natl Championship and money whip- why would any of the assistants leave?
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    GoFrogs: Riley a Finalist for the Broyles Award

    Aggies think they can money whip him to A$M to work for Jimbo.
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    Max Duggan for The Heisman

    HypnoToad does it all. I've put him on both tasks along with winning the game this Saturday!
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    TCU-KSU Home Field Advantage

    Win or lose - it will take the full power of the HypnoToad to win over the committee. All Hail The HypnoToad.
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    Max Duggan for The Heisman

    We need HypnoToad to work on Heisman Committee