Grandpa Manziel: World [ the old ricardo ]fighting champion of 1983

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  1. NY times article about Johnny and his family. A fun read:


    Yes, John Paul was a Manziel. Like his father, Big Paul, who claims he was the [ the old ricardo ]fighting world champion in 1983. And like his son, Johnny Manziel, the redshirt freshman quarterback for No. 9 Texas A&M and the Heisman Trophy front-runner heading into Saturday’s game against Missouri, a sudden star both in his father’s mischievous image and labeled with the all-American nickname Johnny Football.
  2. What an accomplisment .
  3. Can't make this stuff up
  4. Can't go a day without an A&M thread...

  5. So they did an article on his family and they don't mention his family in the mafia which is the reason they moved from Tyler.
  6. You know what... I'm glad we took Boykin. I know he's nowhere near Manziel on the field. But the kid and his whole family sound like a bag of trouble waiting to happen. Particularly that quote from dad about having to keep him motivated and focused with rewards like a car. And "down time" being bad for him. That doesn't sound good. Down time is bad for Josh Hamilton too...
  7. Says the Aggie scanning other teams' boards for any mention of A&M.
  8. i does kinda mention 2 incidents of underage drinking

    i drunk underage...never got caught

    so there is a level of recklessness there

    be interesting to see if he keeps it together thru all the hype and hooey

    ask one c. pachall
  9. The Manziel family is trouble. The Pachall-Manziel comparison is unfair because Pachall has a solid family. If he straightens himself up he'll be fine, and he certainly has the family support to do so.

    Manziel, on the other hand, is from a crooked family and has certainly shown signs of falling in line. When the family business is crime, the odds are long that the next generation won't fall in line with that tradition. I certainly don't wish that for the kid and hope he can succeed on the straight and narrow despite the family that might be pushing him the wrong way.
  10. ^^Didn't read the article, considers self Manziel family expert^^

    The butthurt is strong ITT.
  11. DB I usually agree with your opinions, but did YOU read the Lubbock Journal article? People don't just accidentally fall into Intent to Distribute charges. I mean unless he's an unrelated Manziel, the clan's not clean. This is apparently not the first time that group and trouble have appeared in the same zip code either...
  12. ^^Thinks he knows everything. Actually a dumbass.^^

    I have first hand experience in this particular subject matter. Grew up with some of the uncles. Many of whom have since spent several stints in jail for white collar crimes, drug crimes, and illegal gambling crimes. They tend to drag others down with them, too.

    Not sure why you have a stick up your [Craig James], but you should probably remove it.
  13. My grandad won 3rd place at that same competition.

    Not a joke. He said Manziel's grandad cheated. On the other hand, so did my grampa.
  14. Oh I love aggie being aggie. So much fun to make fun of
  15. So no experience with his parents then?

    I didn't claim to know anything, other than you're speaking about that which you do not know.
  16. Yes. And clearly your claim was wrong.
  17. Scam won it.... Not sure they care about family and character issues.... That being said I still don't see a freshman winning it.
  18. Rumors of crookedness in the family aside, if he doesn't win it I think he got screwed.
  19. Dunno...I think Te'o has a legitimate shot.

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