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  1. ¡Que viva Queso!
  2. Would love to see the hecklers using "No Means No" often.....

  3. This is why Dallas Morning News sucks. It's a bunch of Baylor and UT apologists. And what is this trash doing on a supposedly TCU twitter feed? Matt Mosley is Baylor, get his crap off TCU feeds. We know he doesn't want Baylor to get the death penalty it would make him cry. He would be hurt by it and loses out to see that scum of a university play football. If any university deserves the death penalty or any penalty that is Baylor.

    Death Penalty is used to change culture and that is exactly what Baylor needs.

    So far they have gotten no punishment and I expect because NCAA has done nothing they will continue to breed the same problems (seen or hidden), and hire the same like minded coaches and staff in the future. I know recruiting they will continue to cheat to bring them back, Temple was no clean program and Rhule has shown already his staff doesn't make good choices.
  4. You're just jealous of their success.

  5. Is that a statue or a bust?

    Trick question. It's both...a statue of a bust.
  6. I don't spend too much time on twitter, but this seems like a special kind of ghey.
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. This is true, however, his girlfriend is a total smokeshow of all smokeshows. Proof that money helps get you women...that's the only way I can rationalize her dating Jar Jar.
  9. jar jar, misa longo diijkinson
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  10. You're really going out on a limb, here
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  11. Oh the girl he cheated on his wife with.
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  12. "Baylor submitted the filing at about 5:40 pm."

    Baylor staying true to form with the late Friday attempt to evade and avoid news highlights and attention.
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  13. Tap the brakes. 7 at best considering she's famous.
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  14. If you can't sleep, turn on Baylor Spring game on now, FOX SW. D looks brutal. Can't tell how good O will be.
  15. Just barely caught it as I sailed by with the remote but I believe the halftime announcer said something about anyone that survived the spring without injury deserved an award.
  16. What does that even mean?
  17. At halftime, they lined everybody up on the 45 yard line and gave out all these cheesy awards... 'most improved player in the Spring', 'best non scholarship player', 'best FCA contributor', etc.

    After that, John Morris aka the Baylor version of 'Ned Flanders' made the comment about getting an award if you made it through Spring ball. Evidently, they had a ton of injuries during the Spring.

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  18. IMG_1246.JPG IMG_1247.JPG IMG_1248.JPG IMG_1249.JPG IMG_1250.JPG IMG_1251.PNG
    This is just a 7 huh? Yeah, ok, whatever. Always find it humorous the dudes that debate the hotness of a woman who is clearly hot beyond debate...

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