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  1. ReedFrawg
    ReedFrawg Armadillo
    Hey Armadillo this is Michael Reeder (aka ReedFrawg). I would be happy to help with your friend's home search if they need any assistance in the area. Thanks and Go Frogs!

    Michael Reeder &
  2. ReedFrawg
    ReedFrawg TCUdirtbag
    Hey dirtbag. This is Michael Reeder - I'm the owner and broker of Chisholm Realtors near TCU. I also own the site. Anyway I would be happy to help with your house search if you ever need it. Thanks.

    Go Frogs!
  3. Gserv1
    Lucking in the shadows...
  4. bleedpurple
    bleedpurple wes
    Is there a way to see if you have purchased something from the store?
  5. PHSFROG09
    PHSFROG09 TxFrog1999
    Is it possible to change display names?
  6. brcundith
  7. BAM Frog
    BAM Frog SnoSki
    I took my kids skiing for the first time this spring break. Spent a few days at Heavenly and it was awesome. Your avatar brought back some good memories.
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  8. BAM Frog
    BAM Frog SnoSki
    I didn't want to make the recruiting thread about Lake Tahoe but we love that place! I'm lucky enough that my in-laws have a house in Zephyr Cove and we go every summer. Usually go in July/August when it is brutally hot in Texas. Typically just hike or do another activity in the morning and sit on the beach the rest of the day.
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  9. ShinerFrog
  10. Fred Garvin
    Fred Garvin
    I service the entire Quad Cities area
  11. Casey8Ball
  12. PurpleBlood87
    Squash the Spiders!
  13. PurpleBlood87
    Smash the Spiders!
  14. jake102
    jake102 wes
    I am getting the moderator approval thing, FYI.
  15. Rex Andrews
    Rex Andrews TxFrog1999
    TxFrog1999 - I got lazy and didn't do/understand the name change. Now I can't figure out how to correct the problem. Would you be so kind to send me a link to the correct thread, so I can stop being quite so public with my bad habits? (I used to be known as "SonnaBubba") before I got so very honest.

  16. Westsider
    Change login
  17. Horned Toad
    Horned Toad wes
    Wes, our company firewall, is deleting some of the KFC in-page ads and replacing them with comments that these sections of the site contain a computer virus. I think they've been hacked. You might want to get your admin to take a look at those sections of the forum.
  18. finafrog
    texas summer y'all
  19. Backup Waterboy
  20. finafrog
    spring semester is halfway through!