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This may be my fifth handle. It started with Buck many years ago and evolved to Toad Jones. That's enough info.
I have my two for SMU...looking for 6 more for kids and grandkids. Can you share Section and price?
Herb, I got the tickets today. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. I’ll see you at the Texas game, GO FROGS!
Glad to hear they are in your hands. Watched the first half today. Nice to see Doug Meacham at work.
His daughter moved away to college and he’s been struggling being alone so we are trying to include him in with our activities. Please let me know if it’s available, we’ll gladly buy it from you when you aren’t using it. I understand if you have already allocated it to someone else. Thanks!
My brother in-law who’s retired from the Army and the VA and who’s also a longtime Frog fan by being my wife’s brother could use your ticket. We have 4 tickets in 108 believe it or not that we split with another couple and we figured we’d just buy him a random single for the games on Stub Hub.
Don't care that he left just the way that he left....we got the better coach in my opinion...
Thanks for the reply.
I have Spectrum here in Fort Worth. Had it in Rochester. But the locals showed I cannot get it in Minneapolis.
Century Link seems to be the better choice, I think.

For the game in Ames - do you get tickets from the TCU ticket folks? Or some other way?
I've gotten tickets from TCU, from other Frogs on here, and from the ISU ticket office. Any way works... I think this year's game is Thanksgiving weekend so I think they should be easy to get.
Also -

I was in Rochester for 27 years, Redwing 5.
Lived for awhile in Duluth and Edina.

Where are you ?

Thinking very heavily about attending the TCU game at Iowa St. Been there?
Do you know of any other MN TCU frogs?

I'm in Apple Valley. Know a couple others up here. Ames is great; I've been there pretty much every year.

Cable is Charter/Spectrum by me and Comcast or CenturyLink in Mpls. Can't remember if those last two are both cable
Hey there froginMN !
I'm moving back to MN for a year. Will be in Minneapolis close to family.

What TV cable service do you use to get TCU football games?
Are games on Fox Southwest? Maybe ESPN + ?
Don't like dish.

Any answers would be very much appreciated.