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Zaycoven Henderson flipping to Texas?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Texas Football, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. If you're referring to Fields and you actually believe that he didn't know EXACTLY what was going on then you haven't been paying attention to GP at all. You really think Fields didn't know if he was playing or not????? Good grief
  2. I do think Fields knew exactly what was going on and that's why I disagree with the way Patterson handled the situation in the media.
  3. This ^^.
    In the end, it's just important that gary gets a DT that ends up being a good one.  Whether it is Z or someone else.  This biggest loss is bringing in someone who doesn't succeed.  Fretting about people in September is crazy and insecure (e.g.: roddog)
  4. By all accounts Z is a nice young man who is seeing the world of opportunities open up for him because of his athletic and academic work to date.  He is also smart enough to see that TCU can fulfill his goals in both of those areas, and provide the structure and discipline that may be lacking in other larger public institutions.  However, with all the niceties that the recruiting world dangles out there who wouldn't want to "take their visits".  If TCU just keeps presenting themselves for what they are I think he will be enrolling early come next January in Fort Worth. 
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  5. I lack the motivation to try to figure out what your point is and how it relates to recruiting.
  6. Fields has been the subject if speculation and embarrassment all summer. Nobody knows what he did, all we know is whatever it was, it was so severe that Patterson thought it was worth hand-cuffing our team in our biggest regular season OOC opportunity perhaps ever (certainly since 2005 OU).

    Now suddenly the suspension is flexible?!? BS. Patterson messed this situation up, and it was at the expense of our best player and perhaps most prized recruit under his tenure. That can't help recruiting.
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  7. Well hell, A&M might never get another recruit then
    Don't think it was entirely up to CGP but rather an agreed upon resolution with higher ups.
  9. I have never ever questioned Patterson to the point of calling him flat out wrong, but sadly, this will be my first exception. He screwed this up badly. An extreme over-reaction over something that even the school dismissed.
    However, thats only based off the knowledge I have of the situation and what has been said by the media and Patterson himself.
    All that being said, In GMFP I trust.
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  10. 1. Win 2. Put players in the NFL.
  11. I get the feeling that this wasn't what he envisioned when he suspended him. It has turned into a national story and Fields can't be too happy about how it unfolded especially since the school reversed the decision.
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  12. Yeah, we do both those things but thanks.
  13. Yep. The suspension should have came after whether or not his case was overturned or not. 
  14. This^^^* I bet Gary wants a big time do-over.
  15. looks like all the Twitter explosion last night caused him to slow down but I think it is the consensus among recruitniks that he will end up at Texas. We will see, like yall have said, it is September. 
  16. Funny how Mack scolds his recruits from looking at other schools, but he actively pursues commits to other schools. 
    not really. He used to big on this but plenty of guys have taken visits while committed to us over the past couple years. Recruiting is a crazy game. Plus, you dont know if Texas contacted him or he contacted Texas. We need DTs bad and there is a lot of word out there that he saw how open our depth chart is going to be in the future. 
    He made a big deal about it earlier this year though. He demanded his commits don't look around.
    Listen, I know we are going to lose people to Texas. It is going to take several years of us being the top B12 team with talent going to NFL and performing before we get to the point where kids aren't attracted by Texas over us. I just thought it was funny Mack rants about his commits not being allowed to look around, but he actively recruited several of our commits, regardless of who contacted who. 
  19. This is unreal. The guy loved TCU and we can't hold on to him? I feel like TCU recruiting could fall into a barrel of teets and come out sucking their thumb. Same story with Connor Mayes, reeks of incompetence.

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