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Your Three Favorite TCU Games

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Big Frog II, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. I firmly believe the most under-rated bowl game in the Patterson era was the clubbing-baby-seals game against Colorado State back in 1873 or something.
  2. The '59 game was an "Ice Bowl". Ice on the seats, in the aisles and a sharp wind to chill your behind.
    Frogs had a great defense and Horns were a high scoring bunch until Don Floyd and Bob Lilly wreaked havoc on them.
    With the score 9-7 in Horns favor, little Harry Moreland ran 60 yards for td and a winner for TCU.
    Had Texas won over the ranked Frogs, most writers figured #2 Horns would vault to #1 and be the NCAA Champs. Never, never.
  3. You have to include last years bowl game.
  4. I'll throw 3 unmentioned games out that were fun as a MS/HS kid and hooked me into being a frog for life.

    94 vs Tech --- TCU won giving it part of that 5 way tie for the SWC Championship. Tortillas flying everywhere. That was my first TCU home game and with my brother playing, it was the one that really sealed the deal for me being a TCU fan.

    97 vs SMU ---- lone win of the season and kept SMU from bowling. It was my brother's last game at TCU and my other brother and I got to work for ESPN by "guarding" the gameday sign down in the end zone.

    98 vs AF they came in ranked and we won by a point. Converted a fake punt deep from our own end. Was great seeing the frogs bounce back after the screw job the week prior versus OU and proved it was a different team with Fran at the helm.
    I'll throw my best road game memories out too:
    @OU in 2005

    Best bowls attended:
    Rose Bowl
    Alamo Bowl vs Oregon
    Mobile Bowl #1 vs ECU
  5. Harry the "Hare." Moreland.
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  6. Liked for "old ricardo roaches."
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  7. no one has mentioned this one, I don't think. Forget what year, but we beat Iowa state in Houston at the whatever bowl. We were still in the WAC or something. They were Big 12 and had beaten A and M in College Station. I think it put TCU on the big time football map.
  8. Just to add to the Austin wins...1967...TCU came from behind 17-7 at the half to win 24-17...
    2012...TCU won 20-13...first win in Austin since 1967....Mac Brown retired the next year....
    2014...TCU trounced UT 48-10...a scoopnscore in the first quarter and a picksix in the fourth quarter....
    2016...TCU won 31-9 to send Charlie Strong on his way....

    Always good to see the stadium empty out quickly...sometimes starting in the third quarter....
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  9. It was the 2005 Houston Bowl in NRG Stadium (called Reliant back then, I believe).

    I think that was the game in which Robert Merrill tried to dive into the end zone from the one-yard line, and the refs claimed he fumbled the ball forward into the end zone before crossing the goal line with the ball still in his possession.

    ISU recovered in the end zone, so they ruled it was a touchback, and gave the ball to the Clones at the 20. The scrum at the point of attack made it absolutely impossible to tell exactly when the ball came loose - even on replay, as I recall.

    I don’t think I’ve booed so hard and loud in my life, and I said several things I’m not proud of. Thankfully, that ridiculous call wasn’t the deciding factor.

    Go Frogs!
  10. ISU turnovers kept us in the first half. With about four minutes left in the first half, they fumbled in the red zone, TCU recovered at the 16, came out in the I formation with two TE's I believe, threw deep to DePriest for a TD, giving us the lead. ISU totally bought that we were going to try to grind the ball out from our end of the field. Their DL had whipped our OL pretty good during the first 3 quarters, then they wore out due to lack of depth plus being on the field too, much thanks to 4 turnovers. The last quarter we ran pretty much at will on them and put the game away with a field goal.

    I was impressed by how well they traveled. They had a lot of fans...of course it also gave them an excuse to go somewhere warm. First time live I saw that bizarre color combination, too.
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  11. Texas also lit 30,000 candles to hex Frogs and Swink-- and DMN reporter said " Jim Swink blew all of them out".
  12. I found an article on "Press Reader" (which won't allow me to copy and paste the link or the quote) that describes Swink saying those words. I'll just transcribe (old school) the quote.

    Swink said, "They came up with 'Hook him' because they wanted to catch me, trip me up, slow me down. They also lit a bunch of orange candles before the game. It was enough to burn down Austin. A reporter asked me what we did about those candles. I just said, 'We blew them all out.'"

    Wish I could copy the link to back this up, but it's probably got something to do with their paywall.

    Go Frogs!
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  13. I wish someone would post that TCU-ISU game on youtube. It was a pretty good game.
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  14. In 1955, I roomed in Tom Brown Hall next door to Jim Swink and Ken Weinberg. Tom Brown was divided into sections

    and the floor in our section consisted of only seven rooms. Among those seven rooms resided three All-Americans

    (Jim Swink, Hugh Pitts, Dick O'Neal) and the 1955 football team captain Bryan Engram (All-SWC). A cache of immortals

    in the annals of TCU sports.
  15. Have just read this one post and will comment:
    1 - Like your top 2 but the third is the "Boykin shamed TCU bowl" ...I will stop with that
    2 - No. 2 my No. 1...I was there, and if you were, you saw how those Browder Frogs beat 13,000 Arky fans and a Top 5 team.
    3 - No. 2 my No. 1 - again, I was there which makes it a better memory than if just watching on TV.
  16. Football
    As a fan:
    TCU-Wisconsin Rose Bowl 2011
    TCU-Utah 2009 College Game Day
    TCU-Clemson 2009 (In the pouring rain)

    As a player:
    TCU-Texas 1992 (1st victory after losing 24 straight)
    TCU-Arkansas 1990 (54-26 in Little Rock)
    TCU-Houston 1991 (Secured a 7-4 season)
  17. Loudest game ever at ACS. Happened to be on the sidelines that game with Top and it was ear-splitting, especially after the fumble recovery on the opening kickoff. never heard it louder.
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  18. Just want to preserve this post where LawFrog504 chose three frog losses as his favorite three all time frog games. Top choice loss to Tech 2016.
  19. 1. Rose Bowl
    2. Alamo (2016)
    3. Peach Bowl

    Attended all 3.

    Honorable mention - Boise State 2011
  20. When Tank intercepted the ball and returned it for a TD, I thought the place would explode. As far as atmosphere goes, this one might be my favorite.
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