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Your 3 favorite aircraft

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by SnoSki, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. I am a long time lurker and rare poster but this topic is right up my alley.

    1. V-22 osprey and any tiltrotor variant
    2. Heinkel He-111 only because my grandfather flew one on a special mission way back in the day
    3. SR71 the BAM of aircraft.
  2. So.
    Were you in NewFoundLand too?
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  3. Top 3 I wish I had flown
    F4U Corsair - best piston engine fighter ever made
    F-14 Tomcat - Loved this airplane, even before Top Gun. This was the airplane
    I wanted to fly in Navy
    F-4 Phantom -

    Top 3 I have flown
    E-2C Hawkeye
    T-2C Buckeye
    787 Dreamliner
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  4. 1: F-35 (I know, I know....but it's a much better jet than y'all think/know)
    2. F-14
    3. B-17
  5. Nope.

    I was in California at the time with the CVs
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  6. I always thought we should name & paint every servicemans name & rank who died, one on each aircraft. We lost so many in test & development.
  7. F-22

    Because it’s such a bad ass.
  8. As promised, here's a photo of the MiG3 model:

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    Don't know about the performance, but it's a good looking plane. Looks a little like a Spitfire with a longer snout.
  10. That's three of the most beautiful airplanes ever built.
    I believe they have them all at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Addison. It's well worth a visit if you're an airplane aficionado.
    Here's an interesting article about wing shape, all three are mentioned: https://www.airspacemag.com/flight-today/perfect-airplane-wing-180971225/
  11. Three favorite that I've flown in:

    Boeing C-32 (aka Air Force Two)
    Sikorsky MH-53J (USAF special ops helicopter)
    Anotov An-26 (Bulgarian)
  12. Haha, I got it for the looks. This plane was good only for high altitude work. Soviets weren't known for their planes during WW2, aside from the Yak-3 (and those didn't see service until 1944).

    I saw a picture of it, looking much as this model does, and thought it would cool to have a model of one.
  13. 1) P 38 Lightning. So unique, exceptional speed and firepower. Responsible for the downing of Yamamoto.

    2) P 51 Mustang. Superb all around fighter with the range to protect the bombers on their long range missions. Beautiful lines.

    3) F 22 Raptor. Just a bad ass air superiority weapon. The ultimate "muscle car" of the skies.

    Special shout out to the Fort Worth made F 111. Never quite utilized to its full potential but an innovative design that influenced future aircraft.
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  15. 1) F-16. I loved watching them fly around Fort Worth. Great fighter jet.
    2) B-52. What a workhorse.
    3). Apache Attack Helicopters. Very intimidating and so cool to watch.
    1. 747 - only flew on one once, 1997. Very nice and smooth, even in coach class.
    2. 777 - AA has a version with a really nice business class...better than most first class...flew that to London
    3. B-58 - Anyone around Carswell in the 60's can tell you, a B-52 was whisper quiet compared to a B-58. Loudest plane I have ever heard.
    Side note, nobody in the 60's-70's in Fort Worth thought anything about all those B52's taking off and landing at Carswell and the well known fact they were packed with nuclear bombs!
  16. Flew in a Western Airline's 747 to Hawaii back in the early 70's that had a piano bar in the top bubble.
  17. I've heard that an F-111 was actually credited with the first "kill" in Desert Storm. Enemy chased one down to low level when they switched on the Terrain Following Radar. Bad guy didn't have that function and flew into the ground when the Aardvark avoided an outcropping of some sort. That's why the fighter guys always make a distinction that a pointy nosed fighter had the first "air-to-air" kill in DS/DS. Can anyone verify?
  18. On Jan. 16, before Desert Storm actually began, an unarmed 42nd ECS EF-111A crew accomplished the first aerial kill of the war. The Sparkvark was attacked by an Iraqi Mirage fighter while flying at night near the Saudi/Iraq border.


    Of course, leave it to an "electric jet" pilot--and a guard pilot at that--to try and take the credit:

    "There is no easy way to explain the experience, the rush, of piloting an F-15 Eagle jet fighter, peacetime or in combat.

    "There is nothing else like it," said Air National Guard Brig. Gen. Jon K. Kelk, credited with the first Iraqi MiG-29 aerial "kill" of Desert Storm in January 1991."

  19. The SR-71 Blackbird was also in my top 3, on badass looks alone. Any plane you need to get into a space suit to fly gets extra points as well.

    The BUFF (B-52) for its ugly effectiveness and scaring the bejesus out of our enimies with its conventional weapons capability...and sheer longevity...older than its pilots.

    The C-130 Hercules, the "Jet age "Gooneybird" they were/are everywhere and everywhen...doing it all for decades, from hauling freight, dropping paratroopers, penetrating hurricanes, and firing revolving barrel 20mm guns.
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